What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • I nominate Permanent Marker as the 2023 Fruit Loops Strain of the Year.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 omg, I didn't see your post about the Cherry Pie Kush and I agree one million percent! One hit and quit last night! About to hit it again. Holy crap!

  • What a sh!tty day! Weather, work, anxiety…wish I had some of that Cherry Pie Kush, but I’ll settle for Permanent Marker. Glad I ordered a lot! Relaxed!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor me too. I’m a two or three states south of you. It’s not supposed to be this cold. But I hope you feel better.

  • Thanks @leaf ! A medication adjustment has me a bit unbalanced. It’s going to be frigid again tomorrow 🥶! 🧐

  • @TheProfessor and I’m traveling on business for the rest of the week. That’s my trigger. Well, one of them.

  • @leaf I think teaching is mine😂…at least my big one. I need to retire! Safe travels my friend!🧐

  • @Sixwaychili

    It was a banger for sure!

  • @TheProfessor 🙏 you have a better day. I live in the south and it’s about 5 degrees here. Can’t imagine what temps your dealing with. Stay warm and medicated everyone!

  • I did @superman38NC, thanks! Some days…! Cold again this morning, but it’s supposed to warm up and snow by Friday!Stay toasty and toasted all!😎🧐

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    After divulging myself in PM the last few days I needed a change. Went with Blue Cookies on a rainy cold Sat. Perfect! When I received it was really dry, but boveda did its thing. Grinds nice now, burns slow/even, tastes like sour berry with a touch of cookies..effects indica dom. really mellow vibe with great clarity.. gladded I grabbed this! Thx @MerlinsMagic

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    What the hell have I done? Somehow I have accumulated so much cannabis, I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it before it goes bad. I am in a strict non-smoking apartment complex so I can't Cheech and Chong hot box my place. I only smoke .5-1 gram a day (rarely a bit more) and probably have close to 100g spread out over 7 strains. That doesn't even include the vapes, edibles and concentrates!

    Good problem to have I guess! See you in July! lol j/k

  • @Sixwaychili it’s a sickness 😄. I’m sailing the same boat. Still have some jars from 2020, some earlier even. All good. YOLO.

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    @Sixwaychili @funkynugz @superman38NC maybe we need to start a support group.🤣 I have so much...and still have some of Medmama's Grape Ape from early 2020.😉 I'm now stocking 19 strains regularly and rarely buy less than an ounce. I'm on ounce #3 of the PM!😁 Fortunately, we own a home in a quiet neighborhood, and while I've been medically legal since '20, the state went completely legal in December. That's going to be different...and much more crowded I fear. I can buy up to 3 zips a month with my card (and never fail to do so) and supplement it with wonderful medicine from @medicineman! It's definitely a problem...but a good one for sure. Just wish I had friends to share with!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor and on top of my personal dispensary stash I’m growing now too. Who says you don’t get addicted to weed 🤣

  • That’s exactly what I want to do next is grow @funkynugz. The language in the legalization issue would allow up to six plants, but we’ll see how the General Assembly waters it down or f***s it up. But, I hope to be growing by fall! It’s not just the high…it’s the whole experience.😁😎🧐

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    😂 @TheProfessor I think a support group is a great idea! I don't know how much I actually have but definitely more than I need. I wish I could share too! I mean some people have liquor cabinets and some have small dispensaries. Maybe some have both? My mind/body doesn't jive well with alcohol.

    @funkynugz @TheProfessor growing is very rewarding, lots of fun, and slightly time consuming. I'm also an avid seed collector including vegetables/fruit. My first grow was back in 2008 ish.Had several since.if you have any ?'s id be happy to help.

  • @superman38NC started off in 2001 after my divorce and went on and off for years. My tents been ready to go but sitting idle for a few years because I got the noids. Even with maybe a dozen under my belt I’m a little rusty. Ok a lot rusty 😄 But it’s legal and the pressures off.

    Biggest prob is my sizable bean collection is old now and mostly photos. I want to focus on autos. Local media posted a legit site for mail order clones and seeds. About $50 each, min buys though plus $50 shipping. They sell “teenager” clones too. Seeds are $10-12 fem which I struggle with since I’ve paid for beans like only once in my life. Sad I left that community behind years ago.

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    I might just turn all of my older strains into oil and make edibles. I did have an acquaintance who I sold $50 1/8ths to plus some of the freebies I got and he never complained about it, but I'm not sure what happened to him. I always used to give him my lesser wanted strains and he always said they were way better than anything else he could get. I was basically smoking for free at that point because he smoked so much more than I do.

  • I got a qp of duff I was thinking about dropping off at a homeless encampment. Also have a couple dozen carts I’ll never use (and many hand vapes), a shitton of CBD stuff, and more grams of concentrates bought from this site gathering dust than I care to reveal 😄 Went kinda crazy for a few years there.

  • Sounds just like me!🤣 I literally could have written that (except for the qp) @funkynugz! I have too much stuff...that I can't seem to part with...or use up.😁

    I will definitely be coming here to get growing help from my friends @superman38NC! Except for some tomatoes and squash, I don't have much growing experience, but I'm willing to learn (and to spend the $$ on the right stuff). 😎🧐

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    @funkynugz glad the pressure is off with legalization. Been waiting for my state to at least go medical but it will probably be the last. Sounds like you have enough exp even being rusty. I'm sure you will grow some fire. Insane Seeds ships out of Puerto Rico..occasionally you will see good autos on there. Back in the day I relied on Attitude Seeds. Now here are loads of breeders and Seeds sites.

  • @TheProfessor I imagine with some research you will knock it out the park! The problem is nailing down the setup and gear you will use. I've always used soil so no exp with hydro. Indoor gardening is fun in general. Just let me know friend and I'll do my best to help. Are you allowed to grow outdoors?

  • @superman38NC thanks my friend. We don’t know about outdoor growing yet, but I’m hoping so. I’m also not opposed to buying a grow setup. I’ve seen some nice ones that look more like furniture…stealthy!

  • @superman38NC after doing a little research, growing in Ohio has been legal since Dec.7. Apparently individuals can grow up to 6 plants (12 per household), but they must be secured in an enclosed area that children and people can’t get to, and it cannot be visible to the public. I’m not sure what that means for outdoor growing. I’m excited though!😎🧐

  • That's really cool! @TheProfessor great news my friend! 12 plants is a lot for one household. Especially if they veg a longtime. One massive outdoor plant can yield 1-3 lbs. lots of trimming 😜. I would probably have a veg and flower tent. Continual cycle/stocked for life! Finding keepers is the fun part

  • I’m thinking two plants at a time would be plenty for our needs @superman38NC. I’ve started looking at grow tents. I have room for a 4x2 in the garage. Money isn’t an option, but I’m thinking soil rather than hydro, at least to start.😎🧐

  • Guess meant issue instead of option and yes I'd like to do similar just got a black thumb lol

  • Yeah, I meant “issue” @Vapedad78, thanks. That’s what I get for typing while stoned!😁🧐

  • @TheProfessor . I’d give 2-3 sq ft for each plant in flower under a 600-800w equivalent adjustable ballast light. I got 3 autos rolling in a 3x3. Started with 6. 3 died. The remaining went to flower pretty small (my errors, I’m fkingrusty) but I’m LSTing them now and they should stretch more over the next 7-8 weeks. With photo plants I wouldn’t go past 2 in flower in my rig. Just too much work anyways.

    Outdoor grows are unlikely to be allowed because underagers may rip your plants. And Dewine is petrified about the idea. Been there. Done that. It sucked. I’ll only grow indoors unless I move out of the burbs.

    Photo from Jan18

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