What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Never had good luck growing. And I bought all the in door equipment.

  • My supply of PM is running low. what's currently fire on the menu?

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    @TheProfessor @Vapedad78 I think there is a lot of typing stoned on here 😜..no fun otherwise!
    You can definitely get a couple plants in a 4x2. Goin with soil seems to be more forgiving and natural. I like to use an organic blend like Coast of Maine or can't go wrong with Foxfarm soil and nutrients.

    I used to be very involved with rollitup forum. Great growing community. I think you would like it. Lots of great info! Superman27nc

    @funkynugz nice looking setup! Many years ago I ran some lowryder autos. They were some of the first released. I believe it was Santa Maria ruderalis crossed with northern lights one fat bud around 1-2ft tall. Stanky & powerful!

  • @zbrodniciel great ?. Pm is still on the menu. A steal for the quality & price. It does smack my lungs around pretty hard. Flapjacks and Trop Runtz from HT are good options.

  • I'm amazed that I'm not growing tolerant to the PM yet.

  • @superman38NC i tried Coast of Maine or maybe Dr. earth and found gnats later.definitely from the soil and it made organic gardening difficult. Fox farm would be my soil choice. They have a good selection.

  • Thanks @funkynugz @superman38NC, I’m not quite ready to get started, but certainly will be by late spring.

    @Sixwaychili I’ve definitely noticed a change to my tolerance with the PM. It’s still great, but doesn’t hit me like it did. I’ve smoked a couple of ounces and will be sitting on the third ounce for a little while.

  • @leaf thx for the heads up. I've only used COM soil outside in my raised beds but I've had gnats from a few diff brands..pesky little varments. White flies can be a pain too. When I start growing again I plan to filter the incoming air.

    @Sixwaychili @TheProfessor I've had to back off of PM. After a few days it's like I've been partying for the weekend. Heavy on my lungs..⛽️ In proportion!

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    I'm smoking less than a bowl per day, so perhaps that is why my tolerance hasn't crept up @TheProfessor. It is a pretty harsh smoke @superman38NC! Probably still have over 20g of my ounce!

  • If you ever run across Glitter Bomb grab some it's good! Also Louds new UP offering of Jealousy and PM are both 🔥. Finally some bud that's perfectly cured. Not powdery dry.

  • That's great @superman38NC . I pulled trigger on 2 onions ...1 UP Jealousy and 1 UP Permanent Marker. Glad to hear it's cured well. I enjoyed PM from Merlin but have yet to try from @LoudnCo . I read sum UP were very dry from @LoudnCo. So I was scared to order. I'm really excited to enjoy. Just ordered yesterday so we'll see. Jealousy was great from @HappyTrees. I hope my split gets honored. Have great day medman family! One Love 🌬 🌲

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    Cool my friend! @Lou_lew hope you get it soon! Both are excellent

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