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  • In my experience, edibles hit everyone differently. I’ve known people with high tolerances that get rocked by edibles, and I’ve known people with low tolerances that they don’t do a thing. It’s honestly all up to you and how well you do with them. I…
  • This isn’t even the worst the menu has looked. There were times were we had 2-3 flower options and everything else was sold out. They’ll restock soon, just have to be patient
  • Can we get a tip section add to the order form? Medboy has gone above and beyond for some many of us that I’m sure people would love to show some love back
  • @LifeLong14 I’ve had the Kronocaine and Cherry Dip from CC and all I have to say is that Loud has some healthy competition when it comes to concentrates. The Cherry Dip might be some of the nicest shatter I’ve gotten from here
  • Man I wish USPS emailed me admitting when they fuck up. You got a government agency to admit their wrongdoing so I’d take that as a win if I were you
  • 1lb of butter per 1 Oz of weed has worked well for me in the past. I usually put the ground up bud in some cheese cloth and throw it in a mason jar with the butter. Then I stick the mason jar in something that can boil water (a pot on the stove, cro…
  • @medboy should save this post for every time people start blaming the MM crew for shipping delays
  • Got a half of this coming on Monday and I cannot wait
  • I placed an order with Medmama on the 3rd and today was the first day it showed on ID. It is also supposed to come today so it looks like they don’t show up on ID until your local post office scans it. My label was created on the 7th, It’s coming, j…
  • Just got mine and it’s definitely some of the more dry bud I’ve gotten from here. Mine had a pretty decent smell but I got some nice nugs and live in a pretty humid area. One of them has a weird white part on it, like there’s no color on part of the…
  • A buddy of mine used to mix distillate with vegetable glycerin and other e-juice materials (flavoring, etc) to make thc juul liquid. I think he found the recipe online. I never tried it but it’s possible to do. I’m not a vaper so I don’t know too mu…
  • Luckily if I order bovedas today, they’ll be here when my bud arrives so I’m getting them preemptively
  • Damn that sucks. “Straight fire weed” in the description had me sold but now I’m worrying. Anyone else receive it yet? I’m supposed to get mine Monday
  • I saw Loud say that all orders were shipped but they weren’t sure why stuff wasnt popping up on ID. I’m assuming it’s the same with Mama. Although, if someone from the MM crew could confirm this, it would put a lot of people at ease
  • I think Mama is getting slammed. I ordered the day after you and same thing with no label or anything. I also ordered from Loud at the same time and I got my label from them today so I know my info was right. I’m sure they’ll have them out soon or i…
  • @Sixwaychili Right?! The Sackler family (Purdue) had to pay $10 billion plus because they lied about the benefits of Oxy and pushed that it was entirely non-addictive. It’s still one of the most prescribed drugs but god forbid we legalize a plant th…
  • I wish they’d put a pic up of what this batch looks like. @LoudnCo any chance we could get a preview?
  • @Kayla people are allowed to have legitimate complaints and post about them. That’s part of the reason the forum exists, so we can see what others have liked and not liked, even without needing to bring MM and MB into it
  • I was literally thinking the same thing last night. I would understand if they don’t want to keep an official list of people’s emails though (for privacy)
  • The AFK was some of the best stuff I’ve gotten from here, it was incredibly purple. I really hope it makes a reappearance soon
  • I’m pretty sure they only accept crypto, not sure where you found a bank account number for them
  • I’d highly recommend a honeycomb bowl for bongs. It’s like have a permanent screen built into your bowl. The only issue is they get clogged easily but soaking in rubbing alcohol gets everything out easily. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and I don’t k…