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  • On it, just made an order
  • Oh and overnight shipping... we'll see
  • Hello my loves! Here are my notes: MORE HASH, bubble and finger roll, old skool. Flower varieties, with more premium and discount options, specifically more sativas like sour d and kushes) Wax Varieties (order has already in place!) Edibl…
  • I have a lot of inventory for vapes right now, but will definitely put XJ-13 as a regular in the future and Jack on the next one.
  • Just got some peach mimosa in... the previous mimosa growers upped their prices a lot, but I'll see what I can do.
    in Mimosa Comment by medmama September 2020
  • We used to make edibles in house using the strain specific distillate from the refills. Considering making again. Chocolate is tricky though because it can melt in transit.
  • Thank you for the excellent feedback. It has been my love and honor to nourish people's body mind and soul with great meds for years now. Usually everything goes smoothly, but if there is ever a mistake, my team is always willing to fix it and work …
  • Everything I ship come sealed in at least 2 pouches plus mylar protection from xrays.
  • Hello dears, there are a couple days MB had trouble accessing the system and is fully in now and catching up
    in Emails Comment by medmama September 2020
  • My grandfather tends to store his in an airtight container in the freezer. Works well as long as no moisture gets in. Also you can consider getting foodsaver vacuum bags and making small packages to take out of the freezer, so most stays airtight…
  • Hey we are making more right now, should be available in a week or so.
  • Alright, well message MB, he can confirm who you are and I'll send you a little something to tide you over until its figured out.
  • I don't know hun, maybe they weren't working that day. I'm doing my best guessing to figure it out.
  • SloNoMo, sometimes the orders from Friday we don't get until on the shippers side until Sunday, when the post office isn't open yet. That means we were a couple days slower than usual which I apologize for, I'm trying to remember but wasn't that wh…
  • I am open to reshipping, if you don't get it.. however .... it's hard to tell if it's an actual delay at first or having been stolen. On our end we can't tell the difference in the system which is why it takes so long. I am losing money from this…
  • If this is a recurrent issue, we should look into another address or PO Box. We can try a very different packaging if you write a note when you order.
  • Sounds like the postal worker is on to you and jacking us both. Do you have an alternative address? Write MB on the secure lines.
  • Steeledude, send MB a message if you are having an emergency and Mama will send you a little something to tide you over. Sorry you don't have the meds to help you feel well. If a postal worker steals the package, we don't have control over that a…
  • I am not planning to rebuy the pucks. A number of them came in under weight so I can to break some up and send extra with several orders, loosing$$ and time on my end. I am offering loose hash which is the same thing, just not placed in a press.
  • All orders from 2/2 should have gone out by 2/6 latest. There was a huge backorder so we mailed out some on 2/3 when we got the orders, some on 2/4 and then the rest 2/6. I understand what it feels like to not have the medicine you want in time, …
  • I got a ton of orders on the 2nd which got to me on the 3rd. We split it up into 3 days of work with shipments going out Friday the 3, Saturday the 4, and Monday the 5. Apologies if your order got sent out later, please understand there was a big b…
  • It's not a cheap offering, because there are a number of edibles in it. In fact you get about 3 edibles plus the tin for free. I like the idea about an add on product so will ask MB about that.
  • Everything has a crutch now, I'll update the description and photos. As you say without the crutch they were challenging to suck sometimes.
  • I'll put in more effort to find the most epic high end.
  • A tortilla or piece of lettuce in the bud will moisten it more, and I'll take a look at the bulk bags and make sure they are properly hydrated.
    in Dry buds Comment by medmama January 2020
  • Items get taken off the website automatically as inventory gets ordered. Unless there was an error or a bunch of shake we won't sent, you should get what you asked for!
  • Carts in my experience a much more cerebral high, less stony and more cerebral. Great for stealth, a bit easier on the lungs and more convenient, but a different high than flowers.
  • Did you just order? There shouldn't be a problem with new orders anymore.
  • OMG I'm feeling so upset for all the waiting and frustration my issues have been causing. As I dive deep into what's been going on to cause so many issues recently, I believe I've found a few different issues that we can fix. Gum Drops were on ba…