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  • Wham bam thank you MM. Rcvd order 3 business days coast to coast. Doesn’t get better than that. 2nd order experience crushed it. Banana kush gram vapes finally popped my vape high cherry. Great relaxing happy buzz with no sativa anxiety or couch loc…
  • Weedguy420 - Thanks for the helpful tips! Yes, attempt 4, I put a small amount in a shot glass and heated that in simmering water in a pot on stove. Your heat lamp tip is much better. Do you mind sharing what brand empty carts you chose, which vape …
  • Gotta admit I’m not having luck with the refill syringes. I’ve wasted so much product trying to fill carts. I heated the distillate in a shot glass in a pot of water which made the consistency easier to work with but turned it very cloudy, no longer…
  • Hi Weedguy420 very interested in which refills you liked the best. I got subbed clementine (my bad, I didn’t comment) but Sativas give me anxiety. Do you have favorites?
  • Placed my order yesterday. Took all the advice and got a vape cart refill I plan to try to fill a juul pod with and a couple tinctures. If I chicken out with the vape, the tinctures will blend in with my facial serums perfectly. Thanks you guys. The…
  • Jlpettis thanks for the advice. Im def gonna need my medicine as I’m traveling with my boss, the ultimate drag. Ugh 😑. I’ve got some questions about the vape pen kit sold on the site. Does it come ready to vape or do I need to order a cartridge? Any…
  • Hey medboy thanks for the reply! Would the vape pen kit sold on this site be a good place to start? Ive received such great help & support here, I’d love to purchase all from MM.
  • Brand new small glass bat in cosmetics bag...Pro tip! Appreciate it!
  • Thanks funkynugz! Old school burner trying to learn all the new tech. I’ve been looking at different vape pens...oil, concentrates, times have changed. I have A LOT to learn. I have to fly domestic and I knew edibles could be concealed eas…