In Transit ?

I purposely placed another order so I wouldn’t run out and now I’m out. My package has been “ in transit” since last Friday. It departed CA and never arrived anywhere yet. So now I placed another order last night hoping something gets here. Ugh. I know it’s not mm fault. What happens if it stays lost in transit, this happen to anybody before?



  • @Rubygirl816 my package did that from medmama it went from ca to new hampshire then to minnesota took 4 days for one update not sure if that helps

  • @MoonMan5 I’d be happy if I at least so it going from place to place, but nothing since it got scanned leaving CA. Tomorrow will be a week

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    You really just have to stop worrying until you get to 2 weeks. It does no good because absolutely nothing can be done until then.

  • @Rubygirl816 it will magically pop up please keep me updated if you get it

  • @Sixwaychili yep your right. Tuesday will be two weeks. And I will @MoonMan5 thanks

  • @MoonMan5 they put up some new vape refills, I ordered the blueberry kush

  • And the grape ape, lol

  • @Rubygirl816 did you i just ordered 8 grams gelato but asked for a split of gelato and mac but i will try the vapes when i hear some reviews

  • Gelato and Mac split = great choices

  • @MoonMan5 if I don’t feel these much like the elevated from loud, I’m just going to buy bud from now on. I just like the vapes cause more convenient. I love me some gelato! It was one of my favorites in vape, oh and wedding cake, from dispensary.

  • @Rubygirl816 yea bc high potent vapes should have effects in a few puffs so keep me informed i been tempted for refills.... did ur package update.... @MikeyC hell yea last time they split zkittlez and papaya cake

  • @MoonMan5 nope, nothing. Still missing in transit. My other order is on the way. That left CA yesterday. I just want something to show up at this point . I have nothing to smoke and not a lot of funds to keep buying more at this time. My hubby just got back to work and we are still trying to dig out of the hole this virus stuff caused. Tuesday Is two weeks. I will contact mm if it doesn’t show by then. I’ll keep you updated. The blueberry kush vape is already gone from the menu. I’m looking forward to trying it!!

  • @Rubygirl816 my order left ca yesterday as well i hope all works out if not i wouldn't mind sending something free to hold u over i kno how it is

  • Hope everything goes well @Rubygirl816 . Sucks when this stuff happens. I am thinking about ordering more vape refills bc I loved this Super Silver Haze so much. I didn't even see blueberry kush!!! That's awesome. . How many different Vapes have y'all had from here? Pre-filled or refills? I strongly recommend the refills for budget purposes, you just more .. I still waiting on another empty cart so I can try Ghost Train Haze 👻 def might order 2 more syringes .. try some new strains..

  • Awww thanks @MoonMan5 but I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more days hopefully! I so appreciate the gesture though, seriously!! @v32Finish the only vapes I tried was the elevated extracts from loud and they weren’t too good. I’m waiting on the refills from medmama now. Yes much better economically to get the refills. I’m hoping the order that shipped yesterday comes this week 🤞🏻 Too funny I received email the order would be here Tuesday and then four hours later received email it would be here Monday. I don’t care as long as it gets here. Oh and just received an email from one of the shipping services I use that USPS is raising their prices now, lmao. I mean yeah we are getting such great service, why not raise prices.

  • @Rubygirl816 no problem at all i kno how it is @v32Finish bro tell me your review on how u liked the refills like potency and highwise

  • Yeah man I definitely will let you know about any I try in the future.. the Amnesia Haze pre-filled cart was OK, had medium potency sativa effects with no dank taste, kinda minty odd taste.. but the Silver Haze refill was much stronger and much better tasting. I love it.

    It's potent enough to where even with a high tolerance I can rip it a few times and be lit, but because it's a Sativa (and a fkn clean one, no speedy paranoia or trippy anxiety) it's just right-- i.e. I can still function, I can take slightly smaller hits & still be perfectly fine to walk back into work without ANY anxiety etc etc etc). Highly recommend the SSH. Smells good, clean, potent (but not CRAZY potent), Vapes great, GREAT TASTE, awesome mellow energetic high.

    So yeah I'm a big fan of the refills.. at least so far.. to me it seems like a no brainer $50 each for 2 syringes of 2 different bad ass strains of straight up good distillate/vape/terps .. and they last me fkn forever. I use it probably 3-4 times a day and I'm just now approaching 33% used out of this refill, after.. what.. a week? 2 weeks?

    Take with a grain of salt bc ev1 is different but I really like the refills . Definitely don't be afraid to snatch some if you see some bomb strains @MoonMan5

  • Terps are a thing- you might be able to save that amnesia haze cart. Other on here have also mixed refill carts to turn ok to great @v32Finish

  • hey, never thought of that! thanks @MikeyC for sure will try that actually.

  • @MoonMan5 YES! The second package I ordered is being delivered today and at 330am this morning, the missing package showed up in NC. So friggen happy!!

  • @MoonMan5 tomorrow I get my monthly check and will be ordering something so I have backup from now on!

  • @Rubygirl816 yay im glad it showed up somewhere i was stressing for you i kno its hard times im so happy for u tho

  • @MoonMan5 thanks!! The mailman just went up the other side of street, I’m waiting by the window for him to come back down my side, lol

  • @Rubygirl816 lmk how you like it all

  • @MoonMan5 i received grape ape and got subbed Zkittlez for the blueberry kush, I thought I jumped on that blueberry kush pretty quick, guess not. The refill went smoothly into the cart thanks @v32Finish! Followed your instructions easy peasy. I’m very very stoned and relieved! I actually mixed the grape ape and the Zkittlez with what was leftover from the first two carts I filled, in a third cart. I can’t wait to order more! I’m stuck on stupid right now, lol, and that’s a good thing considering how sick I’ve been the last couple days! Thanks @medboy @medman , you guys rock !

  • @Rubygirl816 so do you reccomend them for someone like me with super tolerance

  • @MoonMan5 i can tell you I have a pretty high tolerance myself and I got a nice buzz and so did my husband. Good stuff, no doubt. I’m stocking up. I didn’t know what to expect being the only other vapes I had tried was the Loud elevated extracts and they were pretty bad, I felt absolutely nothing. Could be bad batch I don’t know, but I’m sticking with the medmama refills, it’s in my budget and they get the job done. I haven’t been this relaxed all week 😁. Like I said I’m going to stock up.

  • They put a lot of new prefilled carts up today that look good too, but again, the refills are in my budget. This is on,y my third order I’ve received and I feel like I finally hit the jackpot, lol.

  • @Rubygirl816 i ordered grape ape and silver haze also ordered new wax should be getting my 8gs wax tomm and diamonds thursday im fricking pumped lol im glad ur doing well and got ur stuff

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