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How are the fires affecting delivery times .Are commercial airlines operating out of the large airport's out West ?



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    Well i ordered on the 4th and got it on the 11th from medmama not bad with a holiday in there. Shes from cali so i guess its about as good as it gets right now. Not as quick ad in past to deep south. But much better than the last 2 which took 12 and 15 days respectively. So looks like they are getting it partially together at usps. But now the holidays are coming up on us. I think a lot more people will order shit online this year so it may slow down again shortly.

  • Last ordered 9/6 delivered 9/11, Northwest to OH.

  • my last 3 orders have been really quick, no disturbances on my end. i am usually a 7-day turnaround (pretty much like clockwork) and my last 3 have gotten here in either 5 or 6 days.

    worried for all the other people who may be near areas that are having disturbances tho

  • As far as I know, our operations have not been affected. So far! Fingers crossed for rain...

  • @medboy I saw there was a hearing recently (today or yesterday?) re: the USPS. curious if you saw it or know anything about it.(i couldnt watch) . if this post is at risk for violating for politics etc(lol), just disregard & consider it a heads up! ;)

  • No but I was told to get a P.O. Box and it’s messed up my whole shit and can’t believe I was recommended something that takes longer and has a tool that don’t work (I’d) Somehow I got an email from med boy saying it’s been sent but according to Usps it hasn’t been so idk who is wrong but I don’t see a reason for Usps to lie

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    My last three orders- 14 days, one sitting with label created for 10, Another sitting with label created for seven, And another one that’s not showing at all from 11 or 12 days ago. I went Friday and ordered from med mama to change it up and she printed my label quickly Sunday and now it’s disappeared. It just sucks because I can’t even go on the site and order more because I hadn’t received all this yet. I don’t want to take the chance. I already have four “label created waiting to be picked up” out there. Luckily I have a local. Otherwise medicine man would really help me in a bind. Anyway it’ll all work out. It’s frustrating but no reason to get mad at anybody about it. Probably mostly US PS 99%

  • hey @jparkerj72485 you should do a test- order 2 orders on the same day, have one sent to your PO box and another to your address. whoever wins, then you know where to have em sent! lol

    @Theboyua man i am sorry to hear that, my friend. I will say a prayer to the buddha spirits that you catch a break and something changes . hopefully temporary and they'll get sorted. sending luck your way :/

  • @v32Finish thanks man. Your prayers helped sir. One pack finally moving. The one I just ordered. Says Saturday! 9 days! The one I ordered 12 days ago just sitting still. It’s not going anywhere guess I’ll take that up with med boy at day 14. Same with my one from day 11. Got worried last night because my local is getting low so I ordered from my old source last night and Already packed, labeled made, be in the mail today. I always have a back up or a couple of back ups

  • I live in a bad area. You got 13 yo just for fun walking around stealing shit of people’s porches. Plus I live in a apartment in a house. People upstairs junkies. Atleast your informed works. Shits already too late a messed up my money. Atleast the black diamond looks amazing but sucks ass bc people are eating it up. Gives me a headache. Taste like dirt. Like soil. If u ever had that strain

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    @jparkerj72485 hey man I think you got me all wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just having a conversation with my man @v32Finish. And I don’t know what you’re talking about this black diamond thing. I have no clue. Is it a product that you received? And if so why aren’t you happy, you should be happy you’ve been sitting here bitching about not getting anything??
    I just wanted to say something because you post after every one of my posts and you are the “ Pissed off irrational complaining guy“ Who already got one thread closed, and I don’t really want to be associated with you. To be honest. We cool and all but we’re not “post” buddies. Yes I talk about how long my packages take, but I know it’s a USPS And I’m just having a conversation about it and to get support like I did from @v32Finish. That’s all.Anyway, hope everything works out for you man.

  • Time out. @ boy. I have no problem with you or anything whatsoever. I never even said anything. I think you got peeps confused. I m the one who copped some black diamond og. And I was upset bc it’s 400 bucks and I don’t even smoke it. It looks awesome iced out dark big ass nugs. Not my type of weed yea I’m happy bc people eat it up but I want to smoke the quality that I am use to and chose to smoke. Now today again if it’s not here which it won’t be I’ll have to take a ride to a shop an hour and a half away and pay 400 for something to tickle my fancy but I’m sorry if you mistook any of my ranting yesterday directed to you but it was not at all. All that needs to be known is everyone doesn’t know others personal issues or anything about their life so when some one came on talking about trolling. I’m 35 and I’m dying slowly. I’m sorry if I’m upset But I don’t come on a message board to troll or hurt anyone. I was trying to get info. Like today it says on id I have 2 pieces of mail but one can’t have a pic of it. So I went and got a usps welcome letter that showed on id and a flyer for a survey for usps and I find it hard to believe that is what they couldn’t take a picture of. So I didn’t go online to ask bc they end sorting at 11 and I’ll go back But I don’t think today’s gonna be the day either so just go blow money on something I can smoke myself bc I need it or my pain is not bearable. But again I’m sorry for any misunderstanding

  • @jparkerj72485 I had a twisted bro. We good.

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    @jparkerj72485 I was only talking about when you get real angry. I don’t want to be associated with that kind of anger is all I’m saying. I understand why you have it but you got understand these guys @LoudnCo are doing their job, it’s the USPS that’s killing us. Like I’m still waiting for a zip that the label was created 11 days ago. So that means the post office has had it at least eight days. Which means it is probably lost, it’s not going to magically appear so it means on day 14 when I email medboy about it he will probably agree and then this process has to start all over. And it could happen again, hopefully not but regardless I’m looking at a 20 day process to get a zip of weed. It can get frustrating I understand. But yelling and hollering does no good, that was my only point but so we cool. As long as I see it’s a USPS problem for now on I’m a keep my trap shut and not post it on the board. But I will not lie I’d love to have that zip of Chem dawg and pink grapefruit that I ordered last weekend right about now.

  • I got a thread closed ? How is that. Explain. Bc according to my phone someone came in the thread calling me a troll when they have no idea anything about me nor do I want them too. And i didn’t know you make buddies on here but I don’t need a post buddy. You got a surgeon in your family ? Maybe get some help????? Lol. I don’t have time for buddies. I have a family to feed and the grace of god to wake me up every morning alive still And again you have your own complaints as I have my own. I was told by them to do something that has effected my daily life and if I knew what I know now I would have just kept things as was and it was my fault and I own it. But please do me a favor just ignore me Bc I got a thread closed like I’m a scumbag. And my shit came so you will never here from me again

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    @jparkerj72485 my only complaints USPS. man I was trying to be cool but you are obviously of not sound mind so let’s just not speak again. Glad “your shit came”. Must’ve not of been too bad advice they gave you. Lol.

  • @Theboyua thanks man for sticking up for us. We really are getting everyone's order out as fast as we can.

  • @jparkerj72485 no, you didn't get a thread closed. I close down any discussion thread that gets acrimonious. These are stressful times right now but we have a zero tolerance for members attacking each other on our boards. So it wasn't you specifically, it was the whole thread.

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    @TheProfessor Hey man hope you’ve been enjoying your latest. I was laughing because we both ordered in the morning of 9/6 And you received five days later you lucky SOB. And here it is the 16th and mine is still in “pre-shipment label created”. Some dude either slipped it in his pocket or it’s sitting in the corner of the warehouse somewhere. Sucks too it was a zip or maybe two zips of Chem dog and pink grapefruit Kush I love them both. Anyway just saying hi and hope you’re enjoying your stash and I hope some of your good shipping luck rubs off on me just by me conversing with you. I do have one that I ordered from med Mama on Friday when I realize this other one was probably never going to make it (you know when It gets to be this long siting there, they don’t make it usually not in my experience anyway), and it’s moving and I think at the latest it’ll be here Friday or Saturday, so all is not lost in the world. And I’m not complaining I just think it’s hilarious how We can order at the same time in the process be so completely different. Just unreal. Have a great night dude.

  • @Theboyua yes, i guess I've been pretty lucky. I've been purchasing here for almost three years and the longest I think I've waited is 9-10 days...maybe once. It usually takes about a week or less, and it doesn't matter if I order from MedMama or Loud, the results are usually the same. As far as ID, it's always been hit or miss, mostly miss, so I just don't worry about it. I empathize with your problem...I know it must suck. I hope you get your medicine soon. It's USPS. My wife tracked one of her packages to 50 miles of here, then it went on an 10 day excursion to the west coast before coming back for its ultimate delivery. Unreal.

  • @Theboyua dam so stuff is still on the sideways for you no updates or anything or whats all going on with the 3 orders

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    @MoonMan5 Yeah buddy sidewaays would be a good way to put it. Let me give you the current rundown- I got one in label created status since the fourth. I finally get to contact medboy about that one the tomorrow. I got another one, a much larger order, that’s been sitting since label created status since the eighth. No movement on either one of these. This order, put it this way, I ordered the same day the professor did at the same time of day and he’s had his almost a week. So I will contact med boy about that one on Sunday. Now my last order that I put in Friday because I figured both these are lost was from med mama I decided to switch it up. And it says that one coming Saturday, it is on the move, actually been scanned, hallelujah maybe to get here tomorrow and early.But before we got that scanned, so I got nervous about running out because my local is so low, so I ordered from my old MOM, and they’ve already got it packed and on the way and it’ll be here tomorrow at the latest. And I ordered yesterday. If they just weren’t quite so expensive. So that’s my low down hopefully I’ll be high sometime by the end of the month! Haha. I’m just kidding I have a little back up. In no way am I blaming the shippers or @LoudnCo. USPS is at an all-time low And we just have to live with it. Peace

  • @Theboyua wow dude, I can’t believe it. At least your medmama order is on the way. I was leery about ordering from loud because of shipping time, medmama has been good to me, so I have stuck to ordering from her mainly. Mostly order the refills anyway. I did order half gram wax add on and they forgot to put it in my order. Medboy is taking care of it. This time I added half of the sour cherry. the premiums look great, but don’t want to lay out the extra cash right now. In any case with my long winded comment, you should have your order from medmama real soon!

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    @Rubygirl816 Hey thank you for the kind words. Yeah it’s just been kind of a cluster fuck this time. You know before the last few weeks my orders from loud we’re always six or seven days. It’s just been these last few they’ve gotten screwed up for some reason. And the fact that there are two out there, just makes it even worse because I stagger them on purpose. And it’s not @LoudnCo , They are usually getting orders out in two days three days max, so that only leaves one other culprit and we know who that is. But like I said I do have that one coming from med mama ordered Friday, as long as USPS doesn’t F it up. And I’m actually hoping it’ll get here tomorrow instead of when it says Saturday. By looking at the tracking it looks like it might. But I also have another back up coming from a different place and it’ll definitely be here tomorrow so I’m in better shape than I was a couple of days ago. And in a few days I can finally contact Medboy and Everyone can see that the pack is obviously lost. Plus I could of always broke into “end of the world weed” ... ha! That’s always the last resort. But thank you for the empathy It is appreciated.

  • Theboyua i had a oz go missing a mth ago it scanned all the way to the local usps then gone!!!
    medmama did replace it and it took anouther week but once these guys know about it they fix it as you know this a trying time and things are screwed up from coast to coast!!!

  • Sending good vibes! Interested in what your "end of the world weed" strain is? This would make a great thread!

  • I ordered from med Jane on 9/5 and ordered from loud on 9/10 loud arrived today jah goo and orange diesel can’t wait to try them they both are on informed delivery but med Jane not moving. Just an observation. Loud has been super consistent 8 days to East coast.

  • @Theboyua man i hope ut all works out for you its rough when your waiting and waiting and uf ur like me the anxiety takes over making it hard to keep myself on positive mind set if ever you need help or something to hold u over hmu if i got it ill help asap bc it can be heartaches all day waiting on the meds in these trying times we all got to keep the other positive but i hope all those orders tighten up what MOM DID you use to use

  • @MoonMan5 Thanks man appreciate the good words but I’d rather not release any information about the MOM just because this is their website and that wouldn’t be right thing to do to these guys. Everybody knows there’s other ones out there but I’m not gonna on here being promoting one. You understand I’m sure. Besides trust me no one wants to pay the prices of this particular place.

  • @jj213 ordered on 10th and you already got it 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m so unlucky. I ordered the 6th. Nothing. Ha!!!

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