Shatter and wax recommendations

Looking into getting some good strong shatters and wax’s with a strong head and body buzz that are up now. Any recommendations appreciated thanks 😁



  • @MoonMan5 thanks brother I did hear good reviews on the flower on here, it looks amazing

  • If you're an OG Kush fan like me I highly recommend the Fire OG wax, and the SFV OG that's up.
    They are the best of both worlds as the FOG is an indica, and the SFVOG is a sativa, and I'm just pissed I didn't get more of either when I placed my order, lol.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks for the recommendationsI love kushes and was eyeing that fire og and SFV great to know there 🔥

  • They do seem like a great combo

  • Check out those terp sauces and live resin for some good punch. The Hindu Kush is very nice.

  • I’ve never tried terp sauces or live resins but do plan on venturing into those also @funkynugz thanks the Hindu Kush sounds really amazing

  • Anyone know if they’ll split 4 gs of 2 waxes or shatters?

  • @Bayoubud87 yeah they will MM has said it himself but it has to be at least 4 grams

  • Thanks everyone

  • Thought I saw a 2g or 4 gram shatter sampler on order form

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    You could top a bowl with it
    I do that at times to give it an extra little "umph"
    I've never used a dab straw, otherwise I'd give you pointers.
    I personally use a micro nectar collector that I picked up at my local head shop for a reasonable price, and it's real easy to use.
    Maybe if it's affordable for you, you can go the same route.

  • @jparkerj72485 You can dab right out of a silicone tub with a honey straw. Heat the end with your torch until it’s glowing. Then let it cool a bit, poke it into the goo gently while drawing air thru. Careful or you will hack up a lung. I do what @MigraineWarrior79 does tho. Just a dab or two topping a nuglet. Tilt your bowl during firing so the goo doesn’t just drip down into the bowl but rather around the rim instead.

  • @Bayoubud87 fell asleep with bowl still in my hand from the HK 😄 That’s usually a good sign for Indy-dom goos.

  • When I do it this way I use a good heady pipe, or a bong (both work well)
    I layer mine like a lasagna
    Bud then wax then bud
    The first time I light it, I torch it to make sure the wax is lit too

  • It won’t disappear, at least not right away 😆 That’s where “dabbing” comes in.

    For the nug as a filter/holder of the goo you just lightly dance the flame of a Bic over the gob of goo and watch it melt. Stop firing as you finish your draw. Gyrate the pipe if possible to spread the run of the goo so it doesn’t drain off down the ash hole. Bada bing!

  • I bought a Yocan Regen at the head shop for round $30, it's like an ecig for vaping concentrates that you can switch out the coils, it's really convenient even has a screw in hidden container to store dab or live resin.

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    My micro nectar collector was $20-25
    I think the bigger ones go for around $35-40
    Could be more or less depending where you live, and if you go the online route.

  • If you’re willing to wait a month or so you can order some killer nectar collectors direct from China or thereabouts for a helluva good price. Mr. Google is your salesperson 😉

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    thickassglass is so inexpensive for the quality. It's all made in China, but it's high quality and really lives up to the name.

  • ^^^^agreed, definitely one of my top head shop destinations. Tho I’m so overstocked with various smoking pieces and devices I’m only in the market for pre rolled RAW king cones nowadays (which are not the easiest to locate nowadays thanks to the ‘Rona, at least authentic ones. I just ordered a shit ton from an authorized vendor)

  • @funkynugz I get my prerolled Raw king cones from Amazon, and have never gotten a non authentic product

  • What exactly do you do with the terp sauce? I'm super interested in that, more than than the almost pure THC extracts. Do you need a rig and torch? Or can you top a bowl?

  • @Vapedad78 how do you like the Regen? Was looking at that device and ended up buying a device from the kind pen instead. I’m waiting for it to come now. Just in case I don’t like the kind pen I’m curious how you like the Regen. I couldn’t decide between the Regen and the Armor one that yocan carries. I wanted something that had an all ceramic coil and that’s how I ended up going with the kind pen device.

  • @Sixwaychili i love terp sauce.. sooooo much flavor. I dab mine when I have it. I just have a little attachment that I use on my bong for my dabs.

  • @Rubygirl816 I like it quite a bit for the convenience and discretion provided especially considering price point, yes I get the most flavor from the ceramic coils but the dual and triple coils work well too just the triple will take your breathe if not careful and careful not to over fill or doesn't work as well, there is one runs round $75 and can get water bubbler attachment for that id line to get eventually

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I’ve had mixed results with amazon. Some have the authenticity per the RAW website (diamond weave, correct filter structure) but others haven’t. I just dropped $40 for 192 110s which is just a bit more than I was getting at amazon. No free shipping tho. They arrive this week, I’ll see what I get.

    @Sixwaychili i top bowls or use my Yocan wax vape with a ceramic donut coil. But mostly just flop a small gob of goo on a nug and spark.

  • I’m ready to explore a bunch of different concentrates from here

  • @funkynugz Let me know if you remember when you get them. That's not a bad deal at all!! I'd be interested.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 will do brother they’re slated to arrive Wednesday or Thursday 👍

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    @funkynugz sis, but it's cool, lol
    I come off as a dude, I know. I'm a guy's gal & a daddy's gal 😂🤪💚

    Thank you so much! ✌

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