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  • Damn was there a squabble haven't been in here as much

  • @medboy if I wanted to delete my profile on here, how would I do so?

  • @TreesPlz I can delete your profile if needed, just let me know.

  • @TreesPlz stay with us my friend, I'd personally hate to see you go. You brighten my day with your post and never fail to make me laugh.

  • Enyone ever forget to put the 4 at the end of their zip code and still have no problems ?

  • I was religiously putting the extra 4 digits at end for months and had couple hiccups in row taking Lil longer that decided to try with just the normal 5 and it still showed up

  • Thank you for the information ! Thank you !

  • Sometimes I put the extra @Rella321 sometimes I don’t, still get the packages!

  • I think I did forget the 4 number. Today. LOL

  • Sometimes never a problem
    informed delivery will not track if you put in any special characters in the address lines

  • Idk why but, the last few times i had emailed medboy to check on orders that were taking couple weeks i never got no reply.... the last MB was always very helpful even when my orders werent past the two week mark, he was very quick to find them and always replied.... must be busy?

  • Kinda left in the dark until my packages finally got in.

  • Use @medboy to get his attention 👍🏼

  • @907ak420 Not quite sure what you're talking about. I checked our email history together and I've always responded to you. Your latest email came in after I left for the one day a week I take off, so the reply wasn't instantaneous.

  • Okay @medboy, i apologize for the mistake. I saw that a couple of my emails were not sent from my draft box. But, anyways its no big deal. Next time i won't post you, i will wait for a reply in my inbox.

  • Has anyone tried the new capsules and powder under shrooms? And what is it really I’m not familiar with it

  • Hello. I'm edibles-curious, but I have food allergies. Are any of MM edibles vegan/gluten free?

  • @Yumewaru hit up medboy he can find the answers you need.

  • @LoudnCo - Loud, any idea on your edibles for @Yumewaru?

  • @Yumewaru there’s some pretty good threads about making canna butter from weed.

  • Is using the contact form the best way to contact MB? Sent a note regarding a messed up order and have not,heard back in 48 hours.

  • 1-3 days is usually when I get a reply using either the contact form or email.

  • @Wm1207 yeah that's the best way and like @MikeyC said he'll usually get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. But I've had @medboy contact me within 12 hours too. Remember if you contact him on Friday it might take a little bit longer because he likes to take a break now and then. If you don't hear back hit him up again on the contact section of the order form. Good luck he'll do his best to help you..he just did a solid for me a few days ago.💚💨🍀

  • I've been gone for awhile and was just wondering if there is any news on a supplier furnishing gummies again? I sure miss them.

  • @mollysuebrown

    Merlin's Magical Meds had them for a couple of days, and sold out. They were the EXACT gummies medmama carried. Keep a watch on the menu, cause I'm sure they'll be back, and sell out again quick! 💚

  • nyone else getting “connection error” when using cash app to send? Also , I’m trying to find out why I copy and paste the wallet address and external wallet not being generated anymore? I’m loss for words on this, i can’t put my on order in 😢 I wander can I send bitcoin at the bitcoin atm??

  • Last time I tried sending automatically added a question mark at the end of the address and it was a matter of manually deleting question mark. This happened both when scanning and copy pasting. GL

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