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  • Good morning! Quick question @medboy... I placed an order yesterday, and I did receive an email stating that payment has been received by MM. I usually get two emails back to back, but I only received the one email. Will my order still process?

  • @tbag420 did you check the wallet address on blockchain to verify there's been 2 transactions

  • Yep. I'm good. Thanks @Vapedad78

  • @tbag420 Yes, however shoot me an email so I can double check to be on the safe side.

  • @medboy sent. Thank you

  • Guys im looking for a purple flower!! which strains should i get ? You know the pics really doesn't do any justice help dogg out!

  • So has anyone tried the concord koolaid or white truffle? Which one if had to choose and the one that makes you less sleepy? Thx

  • @MerlinsMagic i was wondering more about the dosage and effects of San Pedro powder. I can’t seem to find much info about the powder.

  • So. Ordered last thurs 31st Merlin. Still showing label printed waiting on pkg. anybody? They usually fast. Concert wed night Stevie nicks and was hoping would be usual timing. Lol

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    Yeah, I wouldn't think you could score much in the parking lot at a Stevie Nicks show😂

  • Update. Got the dreaded “usps in possession of item”. That seems to be plaguing mult people lately. Do I have to wait the ten days for reship @medboy ?

  • Hi Med Boy. I sent an order in and received no confirmation or email. Not sure about block chain. The contact page gave me an error msg. Apologies but this has never happened before?

  • @drooper and @pap7777 : Please contact me through email or the contact form on the website, I do not provide support here. Thanks!

  • Why is it taking sellers so long to send out packages? I know Loud is slow so I don’t use him, but Merlin is usually quick. I’ve had a shipping label up for almost ten days. I placed another order through happy trees because I’m almost out. That was several days ago and I only see a shipping label for that one too. The warning on the website says it may take 2 weeks because of the post office, but it seems like it’s actually the sellers who are slowing things down. Anyone else having the same issue?

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    @Budqueen well you just broke a rule by promoting a competitor. Sounds like a sales pitch lol.

    The order page says to give a substitute just in case something like this happens and I'm sure they say that because it is difficult to relay that information in the exact correct timing to give to the vendors. When you print out a label thats generally the last step in the process, shipping requires you to weigh and list dimensions for the box you are shipping, that probably means that they already dropped off your package by the time you contacted medboy. There's nothing they can do after that.

    From what ive seen in these threads, subsitutions are handled based on similar quality, sometimes even greater so many people dont complain. Do you know what product they substituted for? How did you know they substituted before recieving your order? If the substitution was functional and the same price as what you ordered then why do you expect free product?

  • @StankOG If you haven't contacted me directly via email or the site yet, please do.

  • Will fruitloops or blackberry octane ever come back?

  • Cheetah piss has to get back too my brothas and sistas.

  • @LoudnCo Cheetah Piss coming back anytime soon?

  • @907ak420 Blackberry Octane was absolutely 🔥. Big beautiful buds. Potent. Only saw it once years ago from medmama. Louds Cheetah Piss is 🔥. Buds were huge. Potent.
    Both those strains said "this bud does not disappoint " n they didn't. Great selection @907ak420 wud love to see on menu.

  • @Thinktank9000 they tell you they fill them theirselves or buy from a source that prefilled them since they can't be verified doesn't mean it's not good oil

  • usps in possession of item”. Thats what my informed delivery always says when package is in first steps of shipping. Been getting that mssg for 3 yrs it will change

  • I don’t know what’s going on in this thread but I do know this: Medicineman is the Best! I have placed more than one order and everything arrived sooner than expected with zero issues. Medicineman is a Lifesaver!!!

  • @medboy you seem to respond to posts on this board faster than emails. I emailed you on 6/21 about this.
    Ordered from loud on 6/13….crickets
    Ordered from HT on 6/22. It will be here tomorrow.
    Can you understand our frustration w Loud? Is there compensation for their incompetence?

  • Just a PSA for anyone ordering from Merlin. If you didn’t know, The Bay Area is a total shit show right now and wouldn’t expect anything to move fast outta that part of the country.

  • That’s not been my experience @Tea4Two10. I’ve had three orders from @MerlinsMagic over the last three weeks without issue. The longest took 6 days.

  • @Tea4Two10 i also ordered on the 13th from Loud. Seems they had a shipment of boxes disappear or not get picked up. Got my reship today! They always deliver.

    @LoudnCo sorry your hub is difficult but I appreciate the reship. This oz of Sunset Sherbet looks and smells incredible. Can’t wait to fire up after work.

  • @Tea4Two10 I can assure you Loud N Co is not incompetent. I check the forum multiple times through out the day while I answer emails. If you didn't get a response from me I suggest emailing from a different email address/provider. Sometimes when I respond to an email it bounces back which means the customer won't get my response. Some email providers block our emails or push them to spam/junk. Always check those folders. The only emails that don't get responses are rude or obscene emails.

  • Anybody else order and didn't get a confirmation email? I triple checked to make sure I had the adress and amount correct so I dont think its an issue on my end but I could be wrong. This has happened to me before and it all got sorted out so I'm sure it will be sorted out but still a bit stressful.

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