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Hi all, we tend to get the same emails on a regular basis. Hopefully this will answer a question for you before contacting us. Providing good customer service is very important to us, knowing how some things work might help you to help us continue this level of care. Thanks! -MB

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Orders received are usually processed the next day except for Saturday which are added to Sundays list.

Q: Informed Delivery isn't showing me anything useful, what can you do?
A: When informed delivery works properly, it's great. Unfortunately, we see inaccurate information quite a bit. Packages do not immediately update, some sit on waiting or "label created" for an extended period before suddenly moving, etc. While you are welcome to use this on your own, we can not verify anything on that site is accurate. Please do not tell us your informed delivery isn't accurate, we go by our 14 day rule and there are no exceptions.

Q: My package hasn't arrived, what do I do?
A: If a package has not arrived after 14 days, please contact us using the form on the website. Note the date you ordered and the name the order was placed under. This helps us find your order more efficiently. If it has been less than 14 days, please do not contact us for tracking information or item replacement.

Q: Did you receive my payment?
A: Every payment should receive an email receipt with a link to the blockchain showing the specific wallet you paid funds to. If there are 0 transactions, then no funds have been sent. If there is 1 transaction, please wait for the blockchain to finish processing the payment. This can take some time depending on the network. Once it has 2 transactions, your payment has been received!

Q: You said you'd get back to me and it's been hours! Where are you?
A: If you receive an email response that any issue is being investigated, you will absolutely receive a reply as soon as the investigation is complete. This may not always be the same day, we are sometimes waiting for a reply from a shipper and all of us are not in the same timezone with the same working hours.. Emailing us again immediately for an update just causes a delay as we need to stop and sort through an extra email. Please try to refrain from multiple emails for the same issue. We know the issue is important to you and work to resolve ALL issues as fast as we can.

Q: Do I have to use my real name?
A: If the USPS will typically deliver to you under "Captain Warlock" then you can put what you like. Note though that many deliveries fail because the name on the address label isn't accurate and the mailperson just sends it back, which means the package is gone and you're out product. Our advice? Use your real name. We promise not to sign you up for a timeshare mailing list.



  • Thanks MB! Trust and patience is key

  • Thanks MB!!!!

  • @medboy @medman is it possible to cancel an order after payment has been sent and the shipper hasn't seen the order yet?

  • ^not saying I am just saying cancellation policy should be on here

  • If you place an order and want to to cancel, just ignore the payment request email, it will eventually time itself out. No action needed.

  • wait...informed delivery has had moments of working properly?

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    Is Medicineman closing down or closing shop? Does anyone know? That would suck imo if they do. I would have to find weed for my insomnia somewhere else if they close down.

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    Last I saw the post they are closing a couple days before Christmas until the New Year. Hope everyone’s medicine comes in time!

  • That isn't happening @TheStonedOne. Just a well-deserved holiday break.

  • @MoonMan5
    We'll be off for about a week. Even shippers gotta sleep. :)

  • @medboy it is always great to have a holiday. What a run over the last few weeks. Thank you as always.

  • You my friend's deserve a whole week of sleep and two more wherever makes you the happiest. Thanks again for your personal attention. 💚

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    Just need some moral support. I just placed order on March 6th. It was a Saturday. And I haven’t received anything. I tried informed delivery and it only shows the mail I’m getting. Never a package. Just wondering g if this is normal or did my order get lost in the Saturday shuffle??

  • @Bambino21 Hang in there. If its coming from Loud, there is a longer wait. Mamma ships hers a little faster. The board members say wait 2 weeks before you contact but if ID says no label made then use the contact form to get some clarification. ID cant always be trusted. This sites customer support is great but sometimes with the volume of mails they get, it might take a couple days for them to respond. If you got a payment received notification then you should be good. Someone once said the waiting is the hardest part, its true. Medicineman always ships but USPS delivers whenever they feel like it. Be brave, hope you have supplies for the time being.

  • @Bambino21 What he said .

  • No shit!! Just arrived today!!! Thanks guys for the responses!! It was my first time. Now to order more!!!

  • The first time can be nerve-wracking 😀 If you recently set up ID it will probably show next time you order. Mine did anyhow.

  • @JessieJessie on going problem huh ? Don't hold that shit'll give ya ulcers.

  • Aww, I missed it.

  • You didn't miss much.

  • Half a day driving? That costs time and money on top of the $150.

  • Actually, $5 in shipping. Your vehicle must get better mpg than mine. Half a day driving would run me $50.

  • Cool.

    So it begs the question, then why are you here?

  • User banned. Lulz. My conversation seems so one sided now😜

  • I was debating doing some cleanup but thought it was amusing.

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    @TreesPlz yea buddy , my 4runner gets about 17mpg, even half a days driving eats way more than $50.. plus as you said my time. Even if I had a dispensary within half a day I couldn't do it for what I buy it for here. This site is a godsend...with other sites charging upwards of $50 just for shipping along with $200 minimum orders MM and his shippers are Tits. Who else has a flat $5 shipping charge that shits outrageous PS : . I started this over a week ago and it's just been sitting here as a draft, what the hell I'll vent.

  • I like tits

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