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  • @Niqu84. You can get bitcoin from bitcoin ATM, send to a wallet on your phone (mycelieum, trustwallet, coinoimi etc) then send to us for your order. I wouldn't try to send directly from ATM.

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    I view bitcoin atm's as a last resort. The fees and surcharges I've seen are 15-20%. I'd rather do localbitcoins, where you pay someone cash in person who is very verified and highly reviewed.

  • You can always find discount codes for the atms tho and some give sign-up bonus depending on amount bought but I've seen people screwed just as badly using fiat between how long forced to wait to clear and fees

  • Problem with system (EC01). Please try again...

  • I usually check the site sporadically. I feel there is a smaller selection with edibles and vapes. Is there something changing?

  • How do I check they reviewed my payment again? Is getting the confirmation on the Blockchain enuff?

  • @MikeyC confirmation email within 3 hrs of getting confirmed on blockchain, I believe.

  • It's been 15 hours but I feel like they got it. Never had this before- usually receive 2 emails back... I'm not worried, just curious if I have to do anything. I'll check informed delivery to see if they made labels first.

  • I have a Merlin label already and hopefully by tomorrow have a loud label.

  • Yahoo! and Hotmail seem to be blocking emails from us. Likely the reason. Email me if you need something checked, but I'd advise using another email address.

  • @medboy i sent the wrong Bitcoin amount for an order yesterday. I overpaid (not worried about that). But I never received a payment confirmation.

  • @medboy i don’t have yahoo or hotmail

  • Contact me through the site or email me.

  • Is this something new @medboy cause I’ve always used a hotmail address

  • Oops never mind see the other post now!

  • it's gmail too

  • @MikeyC did you ever see that loud label show up for you?

  • It did. It also is accepted now and has an expected delivery date. Then I saw an unknown on my informed delivery from us dept hhs. That's the covid tests!

  • @Rubygirl816 Seems so, I've received a crazy amount of emails asking for confirmation. I'm looking into a way to block these addresses from being used, verifying this many orders manually whenever someone asks isn't feasible,

  • I believe if you haven't received confirmation email within

  • First time customer and I couldn't be happier. Ordered Wed. afternoon arrived on Mon. I got what I ordered with even a little extra. Im so glad I found a reliable source for my medicine. Thanks for providing such a great service

  • Don’t think you will ever be disappointed here!! They do always deliver and always add that little extra. Never disappointed Unless stuff goes off the shelf before can get to it lol but that happens. Glad you found your place @fish_headstew

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    I have been with medicine man since 2013 and never let down always top notch products and services my go to as always been loud

  • Are we able to email the medboy email address we get our order confirmations from directly or do we have to contact through the webpage?

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    Always thru the contact page

  • Ordered a OZ of Outdoor Zookies from Merlins and I received 3G of RSO Oil and some vape refills instead. Obviously my order was completely messed up. I went through the contact page im still waiting on an answer though. Just really confused right now im hoping I can still get what I ordered

  • @BMan I have replied to your email. We will always correct wrong product orders!

  • Ok thank you so much! You guys never fail to deliver :)

  • Hi I have a question? Can I delete or edit my question I asked on this forum?

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