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  • Requested 25th and yesterday from loud, really hoping one of them makes record trip but we'll see

  • My issue is I got excited and didn't wait for the email but still sn it ecause the page always pops up with the amount to send and the adress to send it to ad now I'm worried I lost that money lol

  • Long as you didn't refresh the order form and make multiple I'd think you'd be alright

  • I'm sure it will be too. It's always worked out no matter what issues I might have had but I appreciate the input because that alone calms the nerves a bit lol

  • @Pfenn We usually don’t even check for order and payment confirmation emails until sometime after we’ve placed our order…and sometimes we just forget. As long as you sent the correct amount of BTC to the correct address you should be good!😎🧐

  • I've been getting a lot of emails from customers wanting to confirm their payments lately. I know some email providers block our emails or send them to spam, but now others are just not receiving confirmations. If you are ever feeling worried about it feel free to email me with you order date for confirmation.

  • @medboy is there another security certificate issue on the website?

  • @TreesPlz Yep, that time of year again. We're on it, just slow.

  • I made a order Friday to @MerlinsMagic and it went through to the correct bit coin address, however I never received a second confirmation. So I messaged medboy, he told me next day for order pulls was Sunday, I still show no shipping label, and I have emailed medboy again today, to find out what's going on. Have anyone else experienced this, and if so did you get it fixed and get your order? I'm a wreck because I don't know whatsup with my package now that my money isn't showing a second confirmation I do have a screenshot proving I sent it to the correct address and I sent that to medboy, but I'm still in the dark. Please help someone, I'm worried over here. Blessings to you all, I hope @MerlinsMagic will get it strait for me. I can show the screenshot as proof like I did when I sent to medboy. I'm taking Rso treatments and worried I will run out before this gets fixed, please help.

  • @Thinktank9000 dont worry dude MEDICINEMAN ALWAYS DELIVERS just give @medboy time enough to respond ive never NOT gotten my package

  • edited December 2023

    @Thinktank9000 i also placed order Friday. No confirmation. But medman put a post up about it. As long as you sent the correct amount of bitcoin, not to worry. We should be seeing labels some time today. I tagged you in the post. No worries, you will always always get your package!

  • it seems to be taking longer and longer for stores, primaryily Happy, to ship, paid 8 days ago and nothing shipped yet, label created yesterday,but not tendered to PO. Guess I'll go back to Merlin, he gets it out in 3 or 4 days at least

  • @mac to be fair you created your order on 3/5 which is 5 days ago (I do understand it can often feel longer!). Often USPS takes its sweet time updating its tracking. As far as I can tell all shippers ship packages within 48 hours and go for 24 hours. It's in the their best interests to do so to retain customers. I am betting your package is on the way.

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