Don't ya hate it?

Just smoked a mystery unlabeled joint from med mama and it melted my face off. Just wish I knew what it was. I don't hate that I got a free joint, I just hate that I don't know what it was so I can look for more. Definitely a hybrid, smells of citrus and pine. Starts in my head but I don't think I can get up off the couch now. But I could probably write a book from the couch.


  • 🤣 Same, I still have the joint. Guess I'll try it now.

  • I had several...gave them to my father-in-law when they passed through over the holidays. I won’t smoke anything unless I know what it is and a sativa would not be enjoyable.

  • yeah def. prefer to know what something is.. prefer em labeled :) maybe scrawl the initials on there with a chalk pencil.. ("ICC" for ice cream cake, GSC, WC, NYSD... etc )

    just spitballin here .

  • trying to throw out a solution that = the least amount of extra work :tired_face:

  • @v32Finish Maybe you could just ask the shipper? At the very least they should be able to narrow it down for ya.

  • That happened to me with my last MedMama order. It was a surprise indica for me. No label. Not bad, actually. I normally go for the sativa, but this one was OK too.

  • Professor, afterlife these years I’m just starting to realize that I don’t like Sativa either.

  • I cannot type on an iPad. I meant to say. After all these years......

  • No I hate when I spend 600 and I get nothing Not even a damn jolly chip which I hate but I have been not getting anything in my orders and I order over 2 gs a month. When I asked about it I was told that any extras was at shippers discretion and now I see a thread like this and it’s the exact thing I explained was ever since I was baited into letting my political affiliation known my packages were shipped always 48 hours later and if that was sat well that sucks for me and this last time I was really upset bc I spent 60 bucks on a bottle of 3 dollar lube with 50 mg of thc in a 500000 oz bottle. And an oz of premium and an oz of indoor and I couldn’t even get a damn thumb print (cookie morsel). Not to mention bitcoin was up. Like 15% when I made order. I’m sorry I don’t mean to complain but I just was taking about this. So I’d love a free pre roll. But I hate when I open my box and the last 2 have had an issue and i don’t even bother trying to explain bc I was always told how great and easy they were if they messed up and they always help but I never once got help. So sorry to vent on your thread but it just the point of the matter and I’ve always been honest and polite and never ever lied. But it is what it Is. I honestly couldn’t believe when I was told it was shippers discretion. If so what was the discretion for not being respectful to me but every one else gets free carts. And extra boxes and whatever they ask for. I get a 14.2x4 and I pay and wait out side in the freezing cold in my wheelchair so kids don’t steal it bc that’s what they do and I don’t get id at home so I have to go out at 9 and wait till12 sometimes. It’s fun. It’s like a 2nd job. But I made friends with mail lady so I gave her 40 on Xmas and now she will help me bc she knows my disability and actually cares. So atleast someone cares. Goodnight

  • @leaf I used to be able to tolerate sativa, but after I had a panic attack years ago, they're just not enjoyable. I know that there are a few sativas and sativa dominate hybrids that would probably work for me, but I don't feel the need to waste any time or money experimenting.

    @jparkerj72485 while I always check for a freebie, I probably get one with well less than half my orders...maybe a third. I've been ordering from MM for almost three years, ordering once or twice a month from both primary shippers. I placed sizable orders with both shippers just before the holidays and didn't get any freebies...but no complaints here. I look at it this way...we're making illicit purchases of federally illegal substances with cryptocurrency, which are then being delivered by an entity of said federal government. Hell, I'm just thankful to get my medicine. I do hope things go better for you...this has been a rough year all around. Have hope, people do care.

  • The freebies are great to get. I have zero expectations, view it as a bonus.

  • @TheProfessor take 1mg of ativan about 30 minutes before you spark up that's what I had to do with my PTSD & subsequent panic attacks. Works like a charm & I still have energy to get stuff done.

  • For me, Freebies are exactly that: Free. If I don't get one, I didn't lose anything. If I get one, it's a nice surprise from a business who owes me nothing except the product I pay for.

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    I always ask for a freebie joint in the comment section of the order form. Have gotten one every time. I'm with @Sixwaychili, I wish medmamma would label their freebie joints like loud does.

  • It would be nice if the freebies were labeled alright. Most of the time I dont know what I am smoking, and I'd want to find out the strain to get more. On one order a candy of some sort was unlabeled and I wasn't sure if it was a shatter chip or had the slightest clue as to what it was. I'm not a big fan of edibles was not sure to make of it. After a good bowl of very nice flower fruitloops from loud&co, I felt brave enough to break a piece off and hit it. Darn thing bubbled into a huge black crusty glob, then I knew it had to be an edible candy of some sort🤣

  • @907ak420 LMAO!! Yeah those Fruit Loops are inspirational 👍🏼🤣

  • Idc about a damn free pre roll that won’t get me high. It’s more of a pick and chose favorites type deal and I feel a political thread was used to see people’s views. But listen I have dry socket I’m in pain. And I here someone complaining bc they can’t name their freebie but spend 20 k in 5 6 months and hearing about it while not getting free shit while being told it’s bc the shipper chose not to send it too me. Does anyone see loud orders bc mine are disappeared

  • You keep repeating that about the political talk. Do you really think the shippers have time to match up people on these forums to orders and be like "yep thats that right wing SOB give them shake" or "oh thats the super progressive comrade give them the best premium and freebies" . They most likely dont have the time or care

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    @jparkerj72485 on 2 to 3 post ive seen u write that long message accusing medboy or medman for singling you out supposebly bc u joined in on a political discussion... first off no one is getring different treatment then you we all have ups and downs with are orders. Second your not the only one spending alot of money so your not entitled to be looked at any different in that way either... i get it your in pain but dont spread rumours of being outted like you did something wrong... ive not gotten a freebie before ive not gotten a split b4 ive gotten stuff i hated ive waited 14days for my stuff i spends 400 every week to 2 i mean again were all equal and im just saying you keep accusing these people woth no proof if they treated you so bad find another site sorry its not my buismess but dam mpre than not theres always complaints not enough unity or help and its unfair to kerp saying your the only one being treated unfair this is a large database of ppl they didnt pinpoint only u lmao

  • It sounds to me like you have a lot more problems than not getting a freebie with your order @jparkerj72485. Hope you get things worked out.

  • @jparkerj72485 - Even i we were all petty enough to single someone out based on a forum post, we don't know who you are based on a forum name. Freebies are freebies, not everyone gets them and not every order has them. The shipper sometimes throws things in, sometimes they don't. I promise you, nobody is thinking about you in particular when they process their daily orders and you are in no way being singled out. I don't even know who you are to be honest, no offense.

  • I dunno...after I declared on this forum that I believe the Earth is flat I stopped getting freebies. Maybe the freebie conspiracy is real?! And maybe 9/11 really was an outside job.


  • @Stab_Snipers Oh yes, YOU I flagged. :wink:

  • I knew it, where's jesse Ventura and the cameras 🤣

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