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hey L&C, I just wanted to leave a note (and start a discussion for those who may wish to pass anything on to you given you are the only vendor available right now), you guys have been fantastic in the past when I have used you, although there is no question MedMama was my go-to vendor and saw at least 2-3 orders a month from me. I will also say that even though Medma was my favorite, you guys absolutely blew away any other vendors that I ever saw list their wares (although I'm sure they were still good- no offense meant). Obviously now that Medma is gone you will be seeing more business from me, even if Medman gets some new vendors inhere, so I wanted you to know you are much appreciated, especially in light of Medma's retirement, and I hope you guys carry the torch so to say and don't leave as well, that would be a real bummer. I'm looking forward to putting in some orders with you very soon (I had to grab some of Medma's discounted inventory before it went), but I'll be ordering very soon. Personally, I'm a sativa guy and would appreciate any sativa shatter you can carry (Chemdawg is a site favorite I know), and I'm not sure if you are able to pick up Medma's vape refill distillate syringes that she sold- it was a huge category on menu- anyway, if you are able to pick that up that would amazing. Whatever happens though, please don't leave us too, I don't think I could deal with losing both Medma and you- :-)- thank you for all that you do guys- I'll get my orders in soon.

Best regards- JJ in NH



  • @CapnChronic Man you just hit me straight in the feels. I want to let you know that hearing things like this really makes it all worth it. I love providing people with medicine; it is truly my passion in life. I am working on getting vape refills but everyone around here is a stoner (ha!) so it may take a little time to find the correct mix of price, quality, and availability. I have already put feelers out and am hoping I will be able to find something soon. The only thing that really bums me out is the shipping times. We work so hard to put everything out ASAP and USPS around here is literally the worst. I do not know what the issue is with our hub but things seem to take way longer than they should and sometimes fall into the black void that is our incompetent USPS hub. I want you and everyone who reads this to please try to understand that as frustrated as you are about our shipping times, we are more so. We hate to see people go without when we have a very short turn around. We hate even more when it falls into the void and we have to reship it. We will continue to serve you all the best we can. We love and appreciate every single one of you. <3

  • You talk to medboy often loud? I have seen 2 of my orders die once the label is printed, one this month and another in June. The august one is still unresolved and I sent emails about it last week and keep sending them. Proper channels.

    I lost out on sundae driver, salmon river og and now sfv og kush (after I reviewed it and got people on board to buy more).

    I can't order from you for most of my needs because your packages get lost and your response time/reship time on these void packages is unacceptable. Your shippers also don't split often.

    Mama took 3 days and you take between a week and a month. What are you doing to resolve this?

  • @LoudnCo I got your back all day! It's the hub! Loud be on point with orders for me. Better than MedMama IMO. I barely ordered from the MedMama because they would get lost all the time or delayed. Plus, Louds concentrates are where it's at!

  • Great thread @CapnChronic @LoudnCo. I really appreciate the service. Nothing you can do about USPS. It seems to be consistent out of that hub. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get a split though. Fortunate I guess. Sorry to hear that @MikeyC. I’m sure it will get straightened out. Props to Loud for getting some strains we requested like Rainbow Chip.

  • Loud has the best flower*.

  • @MikeyC I reply to every email he sends me within 24 hours-most of the time within 12 hours or less. As for the splits I have spoken to my staff about it previously because I saw it on another thread; sometimes a split is just not possible. We reship lost packages the day we find out that it is lost.

  • All good. I just have fomo. I am loyal to you and will keep ordering again but it does hurt to miss out on the kinder buds. May you please replace it with a worthy replacement cause sfv og kush was awesome. Is rainbow chip or xj13 better? Replace with that! =)

  • @MikeyC we will try our best. :smile:

  • @LoudnCo Thanks for responding and explaining. I own an internet business. We ship out many packages a day, and I can tell you this USPS are so inconsistent and incompetent. The seller always gets the bad reviews and nasty emails because of USPS. I wish people would understand that businesses are separate from the shipper and if the label was made and picked up within 24 hours of the sale then that's all you can do or have control of. I'm back on board with Loud. With the effort of a lot of new product and the response here I think the Loud kids are back.

  • So you must have replied to him twice now.

    If you were wondering why my reviews stopped it's because your packages stopped. "He" must have stopped emailing you or...

  • @MikeyC I reply to every email I receive. If the issue involves a shipper, I contact that shipper. If there are any missed communications, contact me directly and we'll figure it out. Assuming I'm the "he" you're talking about.

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    Makes sense. What's the % missing package rate? Mine has been about 25% this quarter alone.

  • @MikeyC sorry for butting in but wow 1/4 of your orders are missing...Holy F@#% that would scare me shit outta me . I hope you have taken precautions by now my man. Good luck, I hope they all find you on the same day dude. 🤞🍀

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    @medboy Batting 1000 with me. Never in 4 plus years have they lost one order. A couple of times the order was incorrect MM always took care of me overly! Hell I've never been cheated a freebie! lol I do order a lot and a lot of

  • I’ve ordered from @LoudnCo probably 100 times never took longer than a week , always received my splits never no issues I’m on the east coast.

  • I've probably ordered over 50 times now from med ma and @LoudnCo and only had an issue once. It was a USPS issue where they said that my package was delivered but wasn't and then ended up being returned to sender. Big thanks to @medboy for helping me out on that one. Even as schetchy as that looked on their end it only took a couple of emails back and forth and a replacement was on its way. Got to me in 3 days. That's about the best customer service you are going to get these days. Wasn't even their fault but they were still nice enough to replace it. @MikeyC I guess if you are having issues maybe you should just buy on the streets again. I never got ripped off doing that lol. @LoudnCo I hope you can work out the refills and maybe some shrooms. Those 2 have literally saved my life. Thanks for everything you do guys!

  • Free advice is worth what you pay for it^

  • @MikeyC all I ment was much love and be careful man , that's a lot of missing product 💚💨🍀

  • I see a label now. Hopefully it also doesn't enter the void.

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    I have always preferred Loud's stuff for some reason. Who knows, it just seems to have a better impact on me. Orders never take longer than 7 days from time of order til it hits my mail box. Had an issue last month with lost package, (1st time ever) and was resolved immediately. I think I'll stick around. :smiley:

  • Louds stuff is organic

  • Anybody try louds forbidden fruit? Just curious. Waiting on some now and some biscotti sorbet.

  • @Rubygirl816 Forbidden Fruit looks amazing but I had to order my favorite, Dutch Treat. Looking forward to your thoughts when it arrives 😃

  • I just wish loud was as reliable as med. Not trying to put yall down, but I've had multiple issues getting orders on time. Even my most recent one, 5 days and not even a label created yet...

  • @Rubygirl816 the Forbidden Fruit should be great! Funny, I’ve never had the flower , but I’ve been buying Medmama’s FF kief for a long time. A layer of FF kief adds a sleepy punch to most of my indica hybrids!😴. I look forward to your thoughts!😊🧐

  • @USvet11 We process the orders as soon as they come in and unless there is some unforseen event (which seldom happens) we ship within 24 hours. Our hub is notorious for having issues. Informed Delivery also seems to not be on our side. I don't know why this is but I understand how frustrating it can be.

  • @LoudnCo I get it bro. Again I didn't mean any disrespect, we're all playing a dangerous game here. Your flowers are some of my favorites for sure. Happy to see you understand where the frustration comes from, I definitely need to trust the process better, all in all no matter what has happened at some point you have made it right in the end, and I won't stop ordering from yall!

  • @Rubygirl816 I got some Forbidden Fruit a few weeks ago. Is perfect late night strain for me. Like smoking a valium. :smile:

  • Sounds right about what I need @Rockafire!! Thanks! Placed order with loud last Wednesday. Thursday label, shipped Friday, and it’s here waiting to be delivered tomorrow. It’s hit and miss with the hub there. Notice you always see it “arrive”. Never do you see it depart there. @USvet11 dont be surprised if it shows with no label at all. That’s happen to a few of us here. Was sitting in my mailbox all day and had no idea.

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