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Hi all, just a heads up that there's a new shipper on the site, Cannabis Club! They are joining us slowly, so the per day order limit is pretty low, inventory is limited and you may not see them on the menu all the time until this gets raised assuming everything works out well for all. Hope you enjoy their selection! -MB



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    I just saw that and love that they have THC testing done. Although I'm still skeptical that THC is the one and only factor in getting high. Excellent writeups for the strains. Looking forward to my first order. Sounds like a real pro from the writeups.

  • Welcome !

  • Will the new shipper offer vapes?

  • Some nice classic strains up on there. Good stuff!

  • Welcome!

  • Very nice balanced menu of some fine strains

  • @icdeadpeople medman said, in the medmamas retirement post, that new shipper would have edibles and vapes. I’m looking forward to the vapes as well!

  • I think I'll order some Durban. Has anyone received an order from these guys yet? I may order some of Mama's premium before she goes. I'm gonna miss her. Please try to find the RSO. Seemed like mama was all about the medicine and helping people. she sure helped my wife with the RSO. Thank You @medmama I hope you change your mind and come back after some rest

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    DURBAN!!!! Oh, my!!!

    Welcome, Cannabis Club! I don't know how others do it, but expect me to be buying this particular strain as much as I can. (no more than an OZ/month, I'm not rich, :wink: )

    Green Cush! Sounds awesome. I did a little proof-reading of the description for you:
    " focus that is the buzz of the Green Crush strain..."
    "The Green Cush stain being a heavy sativa..."

    Sour Willie! Sounds great! Sativa for the win!

    Time to do the happy dance. :smiley:

  • It’s raining strains 😁😁

  • Glad I got a glimpse of things to come last night, some interesting strains I'm definitely looking forward to trying out in the very near future, congrats and welcome CC

  • @justaguy Thanks for the heads up on the "stain". I did some proofing but clearly missed this.

  • @medboy Went to order the durban from CC. Don't see it on the order form or anything from the new shipper

  • CC hit their limit for orders. Will reset later today. Hope there is some BD left when they come back up.

  • The sativa dominants dont last long on this site.

  • Hit their limit for orders. WTF does that mean? So I'm waiting for nothing? Take it off the menu if it ain't on the order form.

  • It means they are new... Hopefully they're able to hang with loud and mama and aren't a plain (lame) Jane, nomesane?

  • I heard that Mikey. I guess I'm gonna order from Mama one last time. I'd say we want know how much we miss mama until later on. Yeah I've bought from them all remember Medicine Love

  • @MikeyC Which premium would you get from mama?

  • Good to have you on board, welcome 🤘

  • I personally live motor breath based on louds offering. Mimosa next. Mimosa can be had at any time of day but motor breath may start making you tired after rd 2.

  • Just ordered my last order from @medmama Motorbreath had to get a premium at a discount with a sad heart

  • If the photos are representative, I’m loving the more natural trims I’m seeing on this new shippers nugz 👍

  • I ordered a zip of Kush berry yesterday, looking forward to trying it

  • I hope they will have vape refills.

  • @JelfSpicoli. yes supposed to be taken off all pages when limit reached...just a glitch. We're actually doing a lot of back end work on the site so its been more error prone than usual.

  • @medman Thanks big daddy. I went ahead and ordered from @medmama one last time. Please try to find more RSO. Thank God I ordered 60g last time. Can't beat mama's RSO

  • Looks like my order from CC is on the way. Colorado meds sounds good to me!

  • hmmm colorado shipping even faster!!!!

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