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  • @harleygirl_100 - After you post a comment, and the one hour edit window closes, you have to get @medboy to do the editing/ deleting.

    There'd have to be a compelling reason for him to do so. Generally speaking there are no do overs or deletes.

  • @harleygirl_100 at the top right hand corner of your post their should be an option to edit your post. If it is a comment I am not sure. Check the right hand corner, if you don't see an edit option then I guess you can't edit it, but you should be able to delete your comment.

  • @justaguy Ohh okay thank you for commenting and telling me this.😊

  • @medboy Okay thank you 😊

  • @Olderladyhippie at 161 a zip hard to believe there were some small buds and shake SMH...

  • @Trippy, 161? i just paid 193.5 not even an hour ago....prices go up before the sale? still ok price

  • @Olderladyhippie Not sure what you are talking about, before the sale Outdoor bud was $215/oz and now until Tuesday it's 10% off at $193.50/oz. It was never $161.25. Not sure where he paid that. Unless it was during our glitch in mid May, it might have been then.

  • Anyway you look at it the Jager is a great deal… I got smalls in mine and they were just as potent as the larger buds

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    @medboy yeah the Jager was $161.25 per ounce. It was discounted for some reason that I cannot remember. It was that price for months IIRC. There was talk of it on these forums.

    See this post for proof:

  • @Sixwaychili Yes Loud N Co lowered the price for a while. Which I forgot about facepalm.

  • @medboy, thanks for admitting that the jager was discounted for a bit...we're not all crazy out here..i also bought it at 161...and just this week at 193 on sale..i posted somewhere else here that it was only the jager that was discounted before the sale..

  • I never said anyone was crazy here, just said I wasn't sure where everyone was getting the $161 from, it takes a bit of time to work these things out.

  • Why is it that sometimes, threads that get new replies do not get bumped to the top?

  • Just wondering when Loud and Merlin will be restocking would like to see some indica and some outdoor. Hey when do you think CC will be back

  • @WilliamDavidHowell We do not have an exact return date for CC yet.

  • @Olderladyhippie - Check your email.

  • @medboy just want to call to your attention duplicate description for mushroom capsule. Interested but want to know if each is 1g

    @MerlinsMagic very interested in more micro dosing/ mushroom gummies

  • Any birthday discounts ? Lol

  • @Syz Yes, it says in the description for the Mushroom Capsules they are 1g each.

  • @medboy then does a full description about Pedro powder

  • @Syz I will see about mushie micro gummies.
    I got them the make marshmellos for a bit but they moved really slow.

    I'll ask about gummies.

  • @MerlinsMagic I appreciate your time

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    @medboy Can something be done on the forum to correctly bump threads to the top with new responses? As of now, it seems that threads just disappear to the 2nd or 3rd page even with people responding to them.

    It seems that at some point, the index page with thread names shows a previous date for the last post and then when you click on that thread and go to the end, there are more recent posts.

  • @Syz were getting mushie chocolates in a month or so.

  • @medboy why are some packages shipped priority with insurance and some shipped first class with no insurance?

  • Depends on the weight usually as to 1st vs Priority. None have insurance though, not sure why informed delivery lists that they do.

  • @medboy is the site down?

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