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  • Four Zs of Permanent Marker…nice! That would last me awhile. I’m about through ounce #2 with one more left from November. I only share with my wife though!😁

    I agree @Zackarrry. I’ve seen PM listed as 70/30 Indica dom, which makes sense to me as Biscotti is 80/20 Indica, Jealousy 50/50 and Sherbet is somewhere between 70/30 and 85/15 Indica depending on what you read. PM is a strong hybrid for sure, but it definitely leans Indica IMO. I’m quite stoned on it at the moment! I find it to be a great after school strain.😎🧐

  • I don’t have the guts to order a qp.

  • Right I've considered but haven't pulled trigger ever

  • Once by accident I got a qp. I ordered 2 oz and received 4oz! It was several years ago, but what a surprise.😁😎🧐

  • It came in 2 different packages both arrived the same day though. Tbh I was nervous about it but marlins always packs the packages really well. Still nerve wracking though

  • Yeah I bet

  • Anyone try louds ultra premium permanent marker yet?
    Meant to get request in last night but couldn't decide and by time got round to it had missed opportunity but was gonna try louds UPPM regardless just out of curiosity but also for science and research purposes lol. Bout to get a little PM and peanut butter souffle night cap prepared to supplement the edibles been vibbing on past few hours and hopefully get good night 😴

    @TheProfessor congrats that's a heck of a come up for sure especially if certain strains and tiers. I'm sure you were thrilled whatever it was, as would I. Know I was ecstatic with how the team handled the recent adjustments made for PM requested prior to level change. Everyone encounters mistakes and hiccups occasionally but how they're reacted to and dealt with shows everything and no matter what it is or where medboy and medman always aid all shippers in making sure everyone is satisfied and whole again at end of the day. Hate to admit how much shopping been done since being pointed in this direction( absurdly grateful btw) but always at least content and satisfied after arrival at destination, if not thoroughly happy and impressed with haul at rate exchanged for. @medboy thanks again yall been killing it and very appreciative of most recent items had arrive and very grateful and appreciative that the team stays as consistently professional as does.

  • Hey @bluedreamer just wanted to thank you again for the head’s up for your Snowball.👍🏼 I’ve been looking for it and it popped up today at a dispensary where I’d already placed another order, so I picked up two halves!😎🧐

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    I can't wait to have that luxury @TheProfessor my dispensary visits still feel like going to Disney! Too far and few times unfortunately. I'm looking forward to going back to NYC. I was able to go to their first downtown legal store last wasn't that great quality but a cool experience. Line was wrapped around building. Occasionally an angry person would come by and yell at people. Kinda funny. What you could find in the vape stores was no comparison though. I'm sure that's changed now. Snowball sounds fun!

  • The only “fun@ in going to the dispensaries here @superman38NC is the people watching. All products are individually packaged and we’re not allowed to handle anything until it’s signed and paid for.😕. So really it’s all about keeping an eye on the local online menus for my strains and prices. I’ve seen flower packaged as 2 oz, 1oz, 1/2s, 1/5s, and the most numerous, the historic Ohio 1/10th! It’s all about the hunt, and I can do that on my phone!😁. I placed an online order this morning for an afternoon pickup! It’s not the best experience but I’m super grateful to have it!! 🙏🏼 Snowball is indeed fun if you enjoy becoming one with your pillow!😉😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor Glad you found some near you. I hope you enjoy it. Blueberry Cookies and Grape Pie should be out soon.

  • It’s as good as it’s always been! I’ve gone through many ounces of Snowball and this batch doesn’t disappoint @bluedreamer. I’ll keep my eyes out for the Blueberry Cookies. They did have 1/2s of 32% Second Breakfast. I love Second Breakfast, but not at $416 an oz.😎🧐

  • Good to hear @TheProfessor. I was impressed with the terpenes of that strain, never smelled that aroma before, pretty distinctive .Yes, prices are so fluctuating, you got find the sales and the right days to be at such and such dispensary. Gets crazy after a while. The BC coming out got tested today. I’ll find out next week what those numbers are.

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    @TheProfessor people watching can be entertaining 😂. My last trip to D.C. was like smelling display jars..all prepackaged hurry up and get out..unlike when I went to Cali and Colorado well before Covid you could linger. 1/10ths?!! geez what is the world coming too 😎

  • Little sample size pack for premium price I'm guessing at a 10th

  • Little sample size pack for premium price I'm guessing at a 10th

  • Everything in Ohio is based on the stupid 1/10th @superman38NC @Vapedad78 1/10th equals one day of medicine and prescriptions are for 45 days. So at least from a quantity standpoint 3 zips a month is pretty good. I just wish more strains were offered in halves and whole ounces. Buying 10 1/10ths can be expensive.😳. A pretty sterile experience, but an experience nonetheless! 😎🧐

  • Not sure what I’m missing…Loud has “Indica” PM, but Merlin shows it as “sativa”. I smoke quite a bit so it may just be my tolerance, but I got 2oz from Merlin and I find it far from heavy hitting! I like a good long lasting buzz and the PM I got simply doesn’t cut it! If anyone wants to suggest something much stronger, please go for it! Thanks guys, really appreciate MM and MB as well as the contributors on here. 😎

  • This newest batch from Merl is definitely top notch and heavy hitting but doesn't quite have the immediate knock out power as that 1st and 2nd batch or my tolerance to it increased but still amazing for the ticket. Currently waiting on a zip of each to dive into for further scientific and I do have a nug of the 2nd batch left

  • @TheProfessor oh I'm sure it does 😬 the experience line took me out lol

  • @Asheman I find PM to be pretty balanced, but IMO leans Indica. I can’t speak to the latest batches by either Loud or Merlin as I’m still working on my 3rd ounce of the first Merlin batch from fall. I was finding that it wasn’t hitting as hard, so I’ve taken a little PM break (maybe two weeks, but just PM…I go through a lot of flower!) and just smoked a bowl. The break was worth it as it’s as strong as ever. I definitely find it to be a heavy hitter. I’m sorry to hear that your experience was not as positive. I don’t see anything on the menu that sticks out at the moment, but HT’s Platinum OG as a strain knocks me out…haven’t tried this batch though. I’m hoping that we see some restocking soon.😎🧐

  • This sucks. I've been reading all the rave on it so I finally ordered some. Bummed to hear it's not nearly as fire. I wasn't aware merlin has gotten so many batches. Shoulda went with White Tahoe Cookies.... Nervous I placed the order for the PM the 17th and its no longer on the board. Didn't put a second choice cuz there wasn't anything else, from merlin, that I was interested in really hope it's not subbed and I'd fire as the old reviews.

  • @Mr4Sher I've had both batches and still have some of the recent..I don’t find the strength to be less at all..after a couple days of anything I tend to find the effects less..keeping a variety helps. Tolerance breaks help too..easier said than done 😁

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    @superman38NC thank you for the reply. That eases my mind. Now I just hope I'm not subbed...

  • Every strain becomes less good the more you smoke of it. That's why I have about 9 strains right now. lol Put it away for 2 weeks and it's brand new again.

  • Variety, quantity, and quality…there all so important! I know, it’s a sickness.😁😎🧐

  • @superman38NC the Permanent Marker from Merlin is definitely 🔥! Just phenomenal flower. Curious about louds UP version... Couldn't be much better....

  • It's also really good and very pretty stuff, the UP version is more of a sleeper than merls and possibly leans more sat than indie but can't go wrong with either honestly

  • @Asheman I agree 100% I grabbed some PM recently after reading the hype and wasn’t too impressed. Kinda felt like CBD to me. I was relaxed slightly that’s about it. Had to top it off with Ice Cream Cake for a great nights rest. MM rarely misses. Been a customer for a looong time now and have only disliked 3 strains. PM, R2D2 & Tahoe OG. Happy Shopping, cheers!

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