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  • @MigraineWarrior79 - The best thread is a long thread. Happy Father's Day to whom it may concern. Today, I burn a moon rock in your honor. I may honor you some more after that. Wake and Bake
  • @MerlinsMagic - Thanks. It's no big deal, it's a freebie. The GSC was just fine. I misread what @Gus was talking about with the add-on. I am in no way disappointed with your service. If I forgot to mention it before, I am a new fan of those Ice Cre…
  • The first and only time I ever ordered from Merlin, I asked for a taste of their high CBD flower, but they sent a 1/2 g. preroll of Girl Scout Cookies instead. Try their Ice Cream Cake moon rocks. Totally worth the premium price.
  • I tried Merlin's Premium Moon Rocks with Ice Cream Cake for the first time this week. I was skeptical about trying these. From the description, they reminded me of the Caviar Joints from Loud. I had a less than an enjoyable experience with those,…
  • Ha! Yeah, I remember an order that made it all the way here before ID let me know that not only had a label been created but that it was on its way and was delivered to my mailbox. Then there were the orders that took a couple of laps around the …
  • Don't sweat it. If you got the confirmation, you'll get your order. MedMan is much more reliable than the USPS.
  • @harleygirl_100 - After you post a comment, and the one hour edit window closes, you have to get @medboy to do the editing/ deleting. There'd have to be a compelling reason for him to do so. Generally speaking there are no do overs or deletes.
  • I see I’m not the only one with the pricing issue.
  • I use Coinmama. They charge 5% on a debit card, but the confirmation is very quick. Wells Fargo also adds 5%, but that's banking.
  • I opened up my order tonight, and here is my review: The GSC from CC is worthy. Very worthy. That's all the review you get. I'm off to contemplate the meaning of life.
  • @Sixwaychili - That Sour Willie is just awesome for getting the motivation going. It is almost too much for a daily smoke... almost
  • I've got an order due here Saturday. I am drooling. GSC is my all time favorite!
  • If you haven't tried it yet, the Sour Willie is a stand up sativa. My fav is Durban Poison. Tomorrow I get in an order for Headwreck. Those would be my top 3 recommendations.
  • I got both emails in Yahoo this last time around.
  • Hmm... very interesting. I ordered some Sour Willie recently, and it was everything I expected from a sativa, and a whole lot more. Comparing to Durban Poison, the buzz I got from Sour Willie was a young and reckless youth, while DP was more matu…
  • Welcome to the "Club"
  • @Gus - Sorry to hear that. This is the first time I've ever ordered this strain, that I can remember. I usually go for the strong sativas (currently enjoying some Headwreck). This is supposed to be a 50/50 strain. The buzz I get from it is enough…
  • Round and round it goes. I guess the little snow storm was too much so my order went back to try again. (edit) I still cannot figure out how to get a thumbnail image to post here) https://i.postimg.cc/hGvBQx2p/informed-delivery.png
  • I haven't ordered from Merlin, and I hear Loud is a little slow these days. I have been ordering from Cannabis Club, and I am very, very satisfied with their products and service. They have the fastest response times of all of them. That, and they h…
  • The one negative thing with using "clean urine" trick is that if you are caught doing that, you will forever be busted by whomever was giving you the test. That "attempted to falsify a drug screen" note will follow you around forever in whatever sys…
  • Bad flu is bad. I caught it the last week of September. The symptoms lasted about a week. Went through a bottle of DayQuil and NyQuil. Lost 10 pounds. My taste and smell is still whacked. You'll make it.
  • I can tell you my experience with the D.O.T. pee test. I had always heard that the scientist did some experiments once and determined that THC could be detected in urine for up to a month. And that is true. In the clinic setting. What they did…
  • I think "Doctor's" Cheech and Chong sang it best: "I take a toke, and all my cares go up in smoke."
  • I liked the Sour Willie too. Their Durban Poison is good too. They have been very accommodating to me in the past, and while I don't wish to pit one supplier against another (for all of them have their strong points), CC is out to rule the roost.
  • I just finished a half oz of CC's mix. I would roll a joint that would have me all zipping around, the next one would plant me onto the couch. It's kind of a craps shoot on what you get in that.
  • @posternugbag - I am not a Bovida expert, all I know is you want a 45%-50% humidity to keep the bud fresh More and the bud is too moist to burn right, too dry and you cough your lungs up. There are more scientific explanations for this out there,…
  • This month, I ordered a lot more of SW. I am a Durban fan and always will be, but this Sour Willie is rockin' it. I ordered Wednesday morning, a label was made that afternoon. It came in today, 3 days and a wake up. That's a speed record order fo…
  • @MikeyC - Now that's a munchie killer. They will have to cut it up into 4000 servings to stay legal.
  • Another satisfied customer.
  • @leaf - Yes, yes it is.