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    in Anyone Comment by justaguy June 17
  • I am currently vaping some Durban Poison. In my experience, I get a cough from vaping. Some say it is because of the terpines, others say I vape at too high a voltage. Well, I just got in a new battery, and it has a fixed voltage. Still get the coug…
    in Vapes Comment by justaguy June 15
  • There's nothing more therapeutic than a buzz from a joint, and a purr from a cat. I am a cat lover myself. Trivia for you: what animal, besides a cat, will purr when you pet them? A rat. I had a pet rat for over 3 years. Squeaker would stretch ou…
  • It might be your bank. I went round and round with Wells Fargo before they granted me permission to use my money as I saw fit when I first started buying BC.
    in Bitcoin Comment by justaguy June 14
  • I have an order on the way myself. We'll have to compare notes.
  • I just ordered a 510 battery from that Blazing Potato site. They are out of stock on most of their batteries, and I had to settle on a cheap, basic pen. If anything negative pops up, I'll let you know.
    in Vape Pens Comment by justaguy June 9
  • @MikeyC - January 7, 1983 - I don't know if the other info is available.
  • Super Lemon Haze, Gelato Jet Fuel, Sour Pink Grapefruit, all were worthy. But XJ-13 has to be the best sativa flower from here that I have smoked.
    in New product Comment by justaguy June 1
  • Is marijuana legalization about to go federal? Congressional leaders took the massive and potentially historic first step on Friday, when they introduced the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act of 2021, or “The MORE Act of 2021”…
    in Today's News Comment by justaguy May 31
  • My experience with Caviar Joints. https://medicinemanonline.com/discussion/1844/caviar-joints
    in caviar joints Comment by justaguy May 30
  • Sativa lovers unite! I like an indica once in a while, but I too favor the sativa. My all time fav is Durban Poison. I have an order of Durban Poison carts coming.
    in New product Comment by justaguy May 29
  • I pulled the trigger, made some tea, and... I am disappointed. Only in that I did not see sound or hear color, but I did get results. OK, I am pretty sure I messed it up somehow. How simple can it be to chop up some dried mushroom, steep in hot w…
    in Penis Envy Comment by justaguy May 29
  • That ought to do it. Specific requests are not dealt with here. Gripes like mine (above) are barely tolerated.
  • Here's a link that will tell you more than you ever really wanted to know about mushrooms. https://mushly.com/
  • @907ak420 - You need to make this request through the contact link on the order page.
  • The site is up and running now.
  • Problem solved. Thank you @medmama
  • @Med Mama Helper - sigh. 3 "labels created" for the same order and still it sits there. Is someone stealing orders? I know y'all hate complaints on this forum, and yes I have already made contact and blah blah. That is how I ended up with 3 labels c…
  • @MoonMan5 - If it were me, I might try disguising the wax. There is a lip balm that is sold in a small, lidded jar. If you were to replace that balm with the wax then throw it in your checked baggage, I don't think you'd have any problems with it. …
  • After looking over the menu full of indica, I thought I would look at the vape carts. Durban Poison? Awesome. Candyland! XJ13! It's a sativa lovers heaven. Is there ever a chance that we could see any of these in a flower form? At least the Du…
  • I see the issue was resolved. I get those notices when my daughter orders too much from Amazon or Fingerhut. They redeliver the next day or two.
  • Ha ha! Wait till this summer when you get a gummy bear.
    in Confused Comment by justaguy May 2
  • Thanks, @medboy and @Med Mama Helper I was just remembering back to when we had to fight the spammers, and how anyone can come onto a forum and begin acting "official". Thanks, y'all. I will move back into the shadows.
  • @MedmamaHelper - I don't want to seem unfriendly, or disrespectful, but... @medmama @medman @medboy - Who is this?
  • @MNTDWLER - this month has been very interesting for me, to say the least. Suffice it to say this was the high point of my trip there. Bad puns aside, I forgot to mention that you can only buy a certain amount of cannabis related stuff while at t…
  • Brick weed gets the job done. You get a buzz, amazing colon grabbing coughs, and holes in your tee shirt from the glowing and exploding seeds. Ah, those were the days. LOL
  • I ordered some Boveda's in February. They were out of the 58's in a size 4, so I went with the 62's. They make my buds all nice and fresh, and keep them that way. The 62's are just one squinch (is that a word?) away from being too much, but is perfe…
  • @MNTDWLER - Have you not found any relief using melatonin? That is my go to, that or Nyquil. I don't suffer from insomnia on a regular basis tho, so these work for me.
  • The dog found its owner's stash of brownies. He is OK.
  • Thanks for the report. I have been sitting on a 1/4 oz of Penis Envy for a while now waiting for the right time to make some tea out of it. The very first time I ever tried a mushroom, I found myself mesmerized by a YouTube video of a close up of a …
    in Trip Report Comment by justaguy April 6