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  • Same here .....loud is the slowest....must be a Washington thing. I ordered 2/8 label printed 2/13.....still in "pre-shipment" mode. I haven't used CC yet, MMM was fast......faster than MedMama. I miss MedMamma! I'll be sticking with MMM from now on.
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  • Which Coronavirus? SARS/Coronavirus= Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome? or MERS/Coronavirus= Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome? or Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, which is a mutated form of (SARS) CoV-2? There's more than 1 Coronavirus. H…
  • Trainwreck = C- Green Skunk =B Freebie Black Diesel =B+
  • I just got the a Trainwreck and Green SKUNK. Totally musty (mold smell) I haven't smoked any yet smoking moldy bud seems like a bad idea. And im not interested in a 45min headache. From Loud&co i got the Dilato and Wedding Cake. Those buds…
  • In Florida we stand our ground. I dont care what someone thinks they smell. I live in an HOA. That means we have professional Karens and Beckys and the bitch that wants to speak to your manager. They can eat a turd.
  • Eureka!
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  • I certainly hope the reason my current order and my last 4 orders from Loud&co weren't sitting around for 3 to 5 days (preshipment) waiting for other people's cookies to get baked, before finally getting around to going to the post office.
  • In my opinion, I'd think that would slow down processing/shipping times even further, for everyone involved. At that point people are gonna start wanting an oz. split 8 ways. Splitting a 1/2oz 4 ways seems like too much to ask as well.
  • I ordered Loud&co Tuesday night. Preshipment Label was created Wednesday night 4/29.
  • I ordered from Loud&co Last night (Dolato and Wedding Cake). Woke up this morning and BAM! New shipper. Got the BTC together and now..............SHE GONE! Anyway, I hope those aren't stock pics and are true to the actual product. Ive notice…
  • When my order was rejected, I found out about it after waiting the mandatory 14 days before contacting Medboy through the contact form ,and after 2 back- n -forth emails. I was told the sample caused the rejection (because I ordered other merchandi…
  • I thaught if you order the "sample", along with anything else.......the order gets rejected. Because the sample is for first time customers to test the legitimacy of the Medicineman (low monetary risk $5 gram). The "sample" isn't for "tasting/sam…
  • It's the puff-puff-PASS the joint/bong/blunt courtesy scenario that can spread germs. And coughing like a mofo.
  • The shatter chip is not an actual piece of "shatter" . It's like a jolly rancher edible. I think it's the name brand. I too asked several times for a "shatter chip", thinking it was gonna be a smokeable chip of shatter. It was a hard candy called J…
  • I ordered Loud&co on the 4th. Informed delivery says Label created on the 8th. Accepted at post office of origin with an ETA of the 13th (Monday).
  • Dolato is a cross of Do-si-dos and Gelato.
  • It looks like the new "product", at this time is in the form of vape carts. I too have been refreshing the hell out of my browser all day and all that is different from yesterday is new vapes and less flowers.
  • I ordered DJ short Blueberry the last time loud had it around, approximately June/July of last year.....It was terrible. It was stringy, loose, zero bouquet or aroma and quite amateurish cultivation. Like it was a premature harvest. Maybe this …
  • Use an android phone .
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  • If you aren't ready to pay immediately, you aren't ready to place an order. It's not like your desired items will be placed on hold just because you get an order conformation.
  • Use a bong.
  • Informed delivery has ALWAYS been 100% accurate for me. I take that back........Informed delivery has ALWAYS been wrong about ETA, my package ALWAYS arrives 1 day earlier than the original ETA. The 2 times I placed an order and never got an ID al…
  • Jerry. I got some of the GH BlackBerry on 2/10. It is good smoke, but the little buds were like capers not even the size of green peas. I got OD headband on the 18th and it is gorgeous. The 1/4 consisted of 4 large sexy buds . The San Fernando Val…
  • The order page worked for me. I successfully placed an order,(Loud&co) 20 minutes ago with no problem. (Confirmed 12 min. following BTC send).
  • "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". -USPS
  • 1oz = 28g 28g ÷ 4= 7g. You got your quarter. 1/4oz = 7g 1/8oz = 3.5g 1/16oz= 1.75g 1/32oz= 0.875g 1/64oz= 0.4375g 1/128oz=0.21875g
  • Georgetirebiter, I appreciate the insight. Your words inspire hopefulness. I always pay at the time of order. Frankly I don't agree with ordering and then buying Bitcoin to satisfy payment. I have a decent Bitcoin history and balance with Coinbase.…
  • I dont think you can capitalize on the Qp price, split 4 ways. Qps are offered on the ootdoor, indoor and Greenhouse flower. Qps aren't offered on Premium bud anyway. So I assume you aren't inquiring about that. Medboy said if you want a Qp of…
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  • I'm experiencing longer than usual payment conformation. That is worse than waiting for a late shipment . It's like tossing a bunch of cash into the air and hoping for the best. I'm guessing the dumb ass superbowl is hogging up the internet and m…
  • The pic that is used for the Indoor Wedding Cake is the exact same pic as the Greenhouse Wedding Cake. So........I guess "stock" pics are used and not pics of the actual batch on hand? The OD Jager I just got looks more like the OD Purple Urkle pi…