All things Jager Thread

I bought my first zip of this strain last year right before the holiday break. I bought several more in the weeks and months that some others, it was on the menu a long, long time. May the same be true this year.

Snafu with Xcoins held up my coins for a while. Finally got in for round 2 of the new Loud selection. Glad to see it still available.



  • @LoudnCo is this year's outdoor jaeger from the same grower as last year?

  • If the picture is an accurate representation of the Jager, it looks nothing like the early Feb. 2020 batch. That was the last ounce we bought of outdoor Jager (and I think maybe the last batch of 2020?). That batch had large dark purple buds...almost as dark as the recent Purple Kush. Fine cannabis!

  • So did you guys buying Jager today include your outdoor 2nd choice ?

  • @Katy, I've never listed a second choice on any order...but I always buy early. Anymore, if I don't catch a strain within the first 6-8 hours that it's up (and I really like to order in the first couple of hours), I'll usually pass...and I have always gotten what I've paid for. I was a bit surprised to actually still see it on the menu today. They must have gotten a nice large batch! If it's anywhere close to the last Jager or near the quality of the recent medmama outdoors, this should be some excellent medicine! Enjoy!

  • Just pulled the trigger... Now the question... Do I feel lucky?...

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    @Katy Lol...Mary Chapin-Carpenter's voice just hit my head! I'm old...thanks! Good luck!

  • Concerned about Internet Service outage.. Globalist Coup against Trump & America is in progress...Pray for Trump & his family !

  • Last of my Fall 2019 OD Jager, almost as good as the day it arrived. Thank you boveda!

    But maybe the real prize? 👍

  • @funkynugz Nice! Looks great!

  • @funkynugz Nice! Can't wait to try Jager.

  • To be honest this Jager stash fared better than other strains I have of the same age, boveda or not. Maybe the blue tinted mason. I dunno.

    I’ve got my grow tent all ready to garden but with all that’s going on in my life and the world have not built up enough enthusiasm yet to kick it into gear 😩 That lil bean will be grown!!

  • @funkynugz that's super cool, the lil Jager-bean.. i just pulled 2 out of my jar of the Dolato from Loud. i was super stoked about that. no other signs of them anywhere else in the zip so far. ya love to see it .. especially when it's a great strain like that

  • @v32Finish Yeah it’s great when you find a bean, unless it’s popped in a bowl and heading towards your eyeball 🤣 Gotta give them nugz a lil squeeze before grinding. I have a couple other MM single seed finds but forget the strains. All likely feminized, though greater probability of herming out.

  • @funkynugz "to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"
    Happy growing!!

  • the only other one i ever found was for mama's premium Duct Tape .. which i was really excited to find , but it wasn't viable. wouldn't pop. hopefully the dolato will be different!

    yeah, i was wondering about whether they'd be feminized and after thinking about it briefly i arrived at the same conclusion :lol:

  • Oh yeah high probability to be a girl! Just watch for ball sacs the last couplefew weeks of flower. Especially if they’ve been stressed. Worse outdoors imho. Easier to control indoors if your environment is locked down right. “Control” being a very loose term here though cuz the weed has its own mind and controls you at all times 😆

  • I just ordered a half, and I hope I get it! I put no sativa subs, so if it's subbed, hopefully I'll get some good indica.

  • I grabbed a lot of Jager so don't worry about getting subbed. :)

  • Has anyone seen the new stuff? Mine is a shipping label and a dream...

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    waiting patiently to see it ! also, have to agree with @MigraineWarrior79 lol Loud you are def awesome.

    hey @LoudnCo if you happen to see this, wanted to give feedback on the Ice Cream Cake you had last time(frosty, slightly purple)... super huge thumbs up, that's one of my faves of the past 6 months, would really like to see more of that grower and would love it if that same strain came back around :) just wanted to let you know it was the bomb.. i'm always looking for those clear-headed highs like that.. clean . (reminded me of the dolato in that way). you dont happen to know the breeder on that particular ice cream cake??

    anyways, i know this is the Jager thread, sorry for going sideways .. surely somebody has received their jager by now?!?!

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    Shipping label made 5 days later. Still a dream. @georgetirebiter
    Blaming it all on USPS is getting old...

  • @v32Finish yea I know the grower! Now whether or not I get to him before someone else does is always up in the air... ;)

  • @MizterNiceGuy Yep you are right! It is not always them! We were slammed with orders and are a a little behind! However, based off you saying five days your order has been shipped! We are not THAT far behind! Promise! It is on its way! :)

  • @LoudnCo I trust you. Comes with business growth, I believe.

    Thank you for being online & attentive!

  • @v32Finish You mentioned something about Ice Cream Cake and Dolato...? So I may have had a few meetings today...I MAY have gotten those two strains...but it will 100% take me a day or so to get them up. Keep and eye out but give me the grace and space to do the additions correctly. I just wanted to give you a heads up because I KNOW how much you love those...are you also a Gelato fan? Fruit Loops? Not saying I have those or anything.. :wink: But seriously it might take me a couple of days.

    @MizterNiceGuy I used to not be online at all but then it hit me...we are all stoners. We all get paranoid. If I were any one of you I would WANT someone to just drop in and reassure me. After that I strive to check the forum at least once every other day. :)

  • @LoudnCo its actually pretty cool that you do communicate with us occasionally. It’s called great customer service. Now I am a gelato fan myself, along with anything in that genetic family so I will be keeping an eye out. Been dying to try the dolato and ice cream cake so thanks so much for the heads up, wasn’t able to grab it last time!.

  • Did anyone receive the Jager yet? I was hoping for a review of this latest batch (and possibly a pic) since it’s still on the board.

  • Ordered an oz and can't wait for it to get here...@funkynugs I am so jealous of that jar. The 2019 batch I had was awesome...the buzz and times I had enjoying it made jager one of my all time favorite strains. The 2020 batches I tried were superb as well.
    Btw....did I hear someone say fruit loops?

  • My Jager should be arriving today @Rebelution420 . Ill report back and show some pics when it arrives

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