MedMa's Retirement

We're sad to say that it's true...Medma is retiring from the business. They are liquidating their stock and will not be restocking. All of their stuff is currently marked at 10% off. It's been really great for us having such a reliable shipper and really great folks to work with. They will be missed! We are currently on the search for a replacement shipper. Sorry gang. :-(




  • Wow! I hope we get a replacment that has great work ethic she has ! Never disappointed with any shipment or prduct! Thanks

  • Shame. Medmama has a great variety of products, not just flower. I hope whoever replaces her can meet the same service level and quality product. Loud is great, but is more expensive, takes longer, and has less overall variety.

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    That is sad indeed, @medman! Really some amazing strains and products over my years here! They will be missed!!

  • MedMama sold me my first online order. I have really enjoyed their strains and customer service. My most recent order comes in tomorrow, so I will burn one in their honor.

  • Sorry to see them go, they will be missed. Is there a date of retirement?

  • Sad news . @medmama Good luck in your retirement!

  • Thanks for all of your hard work and you really improved my quality of life.

  • Thanks for everything, Medma!! I wish you the best for your future

  • Have to stock up on refills I guess. Love Louds bud, shipping sometimes, not so much. You will be missed, very much medmama! Thank you for making my life a lot easier with the meds and service you provided. Going to be hard to fill your shoes!!!

  • @Rubygirl816 said it well.. whose gonna fill those shoes 😪GJ . Thank you @medmama for everything!

  • Enjoy your retirement.

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    Oooch! That’s definitely going to leave an empty spot in my stash and in my heart 😩 @medmama was my first order (Rso) here.

    I retired a year ago. Ehh, it’s nothing so great at all but I suspect the crew will live comfortably. Thank you for your valued service!

    Tho I believe MedMama is itself an entity of people rather than a single person, for some reason I always imagined you as this …

  • @funkynugz 😆 perfect picture

  • Damn if that doesn't take the wind outta you're sales nothing will. You're going to be missed by everyone. @medmama I hope that you and your family are well and are able to move on to a place that fulfills your goals and enlightens your souls. You will be missed and remembered, thank you for the healing medicines you have provided over the years. All of our best wishes the Dwellers ❤💚😥

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    Dang it’s been such a pleasure to order your fine herb and products! You guys are going to be seriously missed. I 🙏🏻 the crypto has been kind to all of you! Enjoy retirement @medmama. 🙏🏻 @medman you can find someone as reliable and consistent! Both Loud and Mama are top notch!

  • Noooooooooo...say it an't so won't be the same...

  • Fucking devastated. 🤮Literally sick to my stomach. I did just place another $1300 order though. Looking forward to doing some final business with you. So very sorry to see you go. That’s a void that will be extremely difficult to fill. You’ve been a class act, Top notch customer service. It’s been a pleasure trying to keep you in business. Good luck in the future!! How sad.

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    Sorry everyone I'm LMAO that should be sails, not paying attention and auto correct and a bad case of the shakes. I APOLOGIZE for that, but I do believe after all of the healing medicines provided by@medmama is due a happy karma filled future. And the road not yet traveled is smooth and has nothing but blessings and other travelers on your WAVELENGTH🌊 .. Thank you mom you have done nothing but give to this family. Personally I am eternally grateful.I WISH YOU A WARM WELCOMING RETIREMENT WITH YOUR KLANSMEN. I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE DECADES TO PLUNDER THE WORLD TOGETHER 🏴‍☠️ 😁😂🤣 . To everyone else I'm sorry about any mistakes I'm shakey but stoned thanks to mom's home cooking a little blackberry kush kobbler. I'm going to miss your meds mom. ❤💚💨🍀

  • When is the final day so I know when my last day I have to order?

  • Maaaan! Definitely hate to hear that but at the same time it's definitely well deserved and best wishes know I'm really gonna miss the gum drops and quality from @medmama and hope the replacement if 1 is at least half as good

  • Thank you for your dedication to making sure the meds get out to those who might not be able to get them otherwise. 5 years for me of incredible meds and great service. We/I will miss your gifts from the left coast. Enjoy retirement, you earned it.

  • I think I am gonna give up smoking !!!!!! crying over here in NC!!!!!!!
    Holy shit that's the worst news since the coronavirus!!! dam it man!!!

  • @cmweems1964 SAME!! Devastating.

  • I am so heartbroken. @medmama is the only shipper I buy from. I live off of the vape refills. I honestly don’t know what to do. I haven’t had any good experiences with @LoudnCo vapes (sorry!) + loud does not have refills. The world needs to legalize pot today!

  • @medmama @Med Mama Helper thanks for your great service.YOU WILL BE MISSED!

  • It's a damn shame! Will you find another shipper? Medmama always had the best buds.... Plus I just ordered right before this retirement sale! My timing is terrible.

  • @RandomGuy We are currently in the process of adding an additional shipper.

  • @Lifelong no set answer but her stuff is going FAST!!

  • Also we just recruited a new shipper. A real pro who has been shipping buds for years. They should be listed in the next couple of days!

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