So what’s your 4/20 score today? 🎉

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I grabbed a zip of Red Runtz, first-time super premium buy, a zip of indoor Platinum Kush Mints and a zip of indoor Purple Agave, which was a total dice roll (no photo).

Thanks to MM and crew for saving this old man a few knickknack paddywhacks off list price on this high holyday. My dogs WILL get their bones! 🦴



  • Oz split of delicacy and platinum mac.

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    Zip of Green Cush split with Girl Scout Cookies and a zip of Premium Rose Gold split with Premium Runtz.

    I was debating whether to get the Red Runtz instead, but it was gone while I was agonizing over the decision.

    Had to post so I wouldn't forget what I ordered. lol

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    Heh, I had my entire order screen set up in advance before I went to bed. Just a quick inventory check to make sure the goods were still available, added the code and hit the button. No other super prems available from @LoudnCo to sub out the Red Runtz so fingers crossed.

    Time to puff it up 😮‍💨

  • Payment received and everything I ordered is still available, so that should be good news. @funkynugz I did the same thing, but then I blew it by refreshing because I was half asleep.

  • Zip of Indoor Jokerz
    Zip of Indoor Platinum Kush
    Zip of Premium Platinum MAC

    8gs of Ice Cream Cake Shatter
    8gs of LA Confidential Shatter
    8gs of Scoops Diamonds
    8gs Blue Dream Shatter

    That’s first order. Anyone wanna party?? Lol!!

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    Zip split of GSC and Jack Herer. 2 grams of purple punch crc wax. 2 grams scoops diamonds and 2 grams of that new crumble in runtz. I was tempted by the new batch of runtz on merlins menu but the last batch I got, kinda disappointed me. So I didn't pull the trigger. Still made a decent order and saved big time!!!

  • Payment confirmation just recieved!!! Grabbed a zip of platinum MAC and added a zip of the outdoor Cherry pie. Thank you MM and crew for all you do

  • @Bambino21 wow, that's an order!

    Why did you put it in my head that I can place a 2nd order? lol Dammit!

  • 2 zips split between Chem dawg and Cherry pie

  • @Sixwaychili My discount was so much I had enough left over and was like well dang. I can get even more.

    Seems like one of the best ideas I’ve ever had!!


  • Zip of Cherry Pie
    Zip of Jack Herer
    4g of Runtz Crumble
    2 Live Resin Vape Pens - Cookies
    Not bad for $620!

  • I've been mining ethereum for over a year and had well over $1000 worth saved up. Poof!

  • @PolkHighStar Thats a ton of stuff for super inexpensive!! Great haul.

    @Sixwaychili dang. Gone “up in smoke” so to speak!!! Lol. You’ll not give a single F when those packages arrive. And then have tons of regret and remorse when it’s all gone!!

    Hahahahahahahaha am I right?

  • lol @Bambino21 I'm going to stick with just the 2 ounces and not go back for more, saving half of it. Really I am. There's no chance I change my mind.

  • Haven’t decided yet. I’m looking at a two zip split of either some Greenhouse, Indoor, or Outdoor from Merlin. A few more choices today!😎🧐

  • Maybe I'll just get some Loud's Sunset Sherbert, I-95 Cookies and Merlin's Delicacy. Oh and some outdoor to sell for $50 an 1/8th. lol

  • An oz of XJ-13. Needed a sativa. Have Rose Gold and Caramel Layer Cake for the p.m..

  • Split I 95, Forbidden Zkittles, Split Purple Punch and Ice Cream Cake Moonrocks, and Chemdawg CRC. Can’t wait! Hoping splits are honored.

  • got some gum drops and some premiums rose gold and peanut butter zkittlez..yay!!

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    I hopefully have some Bubba Kush, ChemDawg, and Mint Choc Chip (couldn’t decide between that and I95). Thx MM crew!!

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    I let the wife decide this time.😁 Of course, she immediately saw the new Cherry Pie so she decided on a two zip split of Cherry Pie and the Dosi Dosi...which I'm assuming/sounds like/hoping is a Dosidos phenotype! Thanks @medboy and @medman!

  • Cherry pie and sunset sherbet.

  • One package from CC and one from Merlin, both expected to be delivered Monday, 4/25. Nice!!!!

  • Same @Sixwaychili got 4 packages coming. 3 here on Monday!! 1 coming Tuesday. Amazing !!! Southeast

  • Holy crap, supposed to be getting the CC package today 4/23. What an incredible turnaround!

  • That’s pretty amazing @Sixwaychili. Our Merlin order shows delivery Monday!

  • Zilla glue split with jungle punch and some primo sherbet probably gonna regert not snagging more and saving on trying the live resin but still had some previous items still sitting round so didn't wanna over do it although probably should've

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    Got my CC package already (Green Cush and GSC split)! The bad - way too long in the food saver, crushing the buds into one compact mess. The good - 18.6g and 19.6g for half ounces. That's 1.35 ounces while paying for 1. Smells and looks great other than being so compacted. Not dry at all. Also got a 1g mystery joint that doesn't seem dry. Gonna pack a green cush bowl now.

  • Score! @Sixwaychili thats why I love this place!

  • Green crack is so sativa. I took a hit and then planned out building a raspberry pi android tv box over the next 2 hours.

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