What are u 💨 after work?🔥😎



  • Horchata!! Down to my last few few grams of this Merlin premium from January. A great afternoon strain!

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    Great choice! @TheProfessor i remember that batch 🔥. Also got a nice seed from that 😎.

    Tonight I started with bubba Kush and am finishing with Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth is such a unique strain to me. Reminds me of some old school funk. Not the prettiest, but that’s probably why it was discounted. Aroma and effects are incredible!

  • No beans for me @superman38NC, but no complaints! It is exceptional! I’ve got to use up a few strains to make a little more room for the cherry Pie and Dosi Dosi. Now that was a surprise…the Dosi Dosi is amazing. The wife renamed it Dosi Doosy…hits more like a concentrate…really incredible for outdoor!

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    I was going to ask how the Cherry Pie was? Like the rename btw. Does Dosi Doosy knock you out or just a great stone? The outdoor ChemDawg is very sticky, smells incredible, and hits heavy upfront followed by a burst of energy.

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    The Cherry Pie is good Cherry Pie! As good as I’ve gotten from here before or from the dispensary. The Dosi Dosi just hits hard! So stoney, but not necessarily a sleepy strain. Like I said it hits more like a high THC strain, which is pretty awesome for outdoor. It messed us up!😁😎🧐. Both were very sticky and well cured!

  • Dosi Dosi! Why wait, I’m not going anywhere this afternoon. 🤤🧐

  • Thx for the info! @TheProfessor grabbed a split of Cherry Pie and Gelato 41 smalls if they will honor that or my 2nd choice is Dosi. ❤️ Some good outdoor!

  • Yeah, I’m seriously thinking about the Gelato 41 smalls as well! Incredible value!

  • Me 3 on the #41 smalls 🤣

  • And the Katsu Bubba Kush is back…ugh! Looks like another order!🤣. Katsu and #41!😎🧐

  • Great deals all around! Still haven’t tried the Katsu, but grabbed a 1/2 of the indoor bubba Merlin had recently. It’s delicious and does the job 💤 .

  • It's a BBOG kinda evening. We boiled crawfish with my neighbors today in celebration of my neighbor bestie's bday tomorrow, and my body is hurtin'.

    Is it just me, or do jays/blunts just hit HARDER than a bong, or dry pipe do?

    😆 Maybe it's just this strain knockin me on my booty!

    Also, I have a 2 zip split of the Cherry Pie 🥧 & Dosi Dosi (Doozy) on the way. 💃💃💃


  • I looked at that indoor Bubba Kush, but I think I’d already jumped on some greenhouse @superman38NC. I’m guessing that most phenotypes of BK would do the trick.😴 The Katsu has worked well for me. Don’t remember if I’m on ounce two or three.🤣…but I only use it at night 🥱😴.

    Great idea @MigraineWarrior79! It’s just the strain! We hit a bowl of the BBOG and it hits pretty hard…such a nice heavy feeling.🤤. Then we hit a bowl of the Dosi Dosi and it smacked us good!🥴🤣

  • @TheProfessor

    It's definitely the strain, 😂 I noticed my 'typo' of the double 'do' . I'm more leveled now, lmao!

  • Time to hit up my jar of outdoor jager!

  • I'm chillin with master kush this evening

  • TGIF! It’s time for some Cherry Pie to rid my mind and body of the stresses of the week! Good stuff this 🍒 🥧!😎🧐

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    Gonna hit up some MAC1 after dinner, then Katsu BK for bedtime.

  • @baggy I’ll undoubtedly hit some Katsu BK sometime between bedtime and tomorrow morning…as usual!😴🙂🧐

  • @TheProfessor thanks again for turning me on to Katsu BK. Such a pleasant nighttime smoke :)

  • My pleasure @baggy! It’s an exceptional and consistent night time strain for me…just puts me to sleep!😴💤🧐

  • Broke out the Jager and TGIF got even better

  • @TreesPlz Now that sounds like an idea!!! Time to dig out the Jager jar!!!

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    Started out the evening with Merlins ChemDawg 💥 just moved onto Loud’s Oreoz..fun night so far 😎 hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  • Merlin's Gelato 41. It is strong 💪... And very lovely.

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    I had a super busy day, myself, but I enjoyed it. Many local farmers are beginning to harvest summer fruit, and veggies, so I spent my day stocking up on the bounty going from farm to farm.
    Anyhow, just now relaxing with a bowl of Chemdawg. 💚

  • My rotation lately is jack herer in the mornings, GSC mid day and jager for night time. Plenty of dabs mixed in the late afternoon to late evening too, of coarse...

  • I just ate some rso

  • Busy day…summer’s almost here! It’s a Cherry Pie afternoon! So relaxing!😊😎🧐

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    That Cherry Pie is excellent huh?! Almost out myself. Very relaxing @TheProfessor. I’m having some blueberry scone and turning in for the night.

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