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  • Man, I was rly hoping to get my hands on those outdoor rox...hoping the cubes stay up till the 10th. About to eat a few grams now:-)
  • Mitch can blow a bag of d****... as far as I’m concerned.. anyone that makes it even relatively hard for me to get my hands on dank cannabis can wipe themselves off the face of the earth and I’d be happy with it! But seriously guys, no politics. I t…
  • @Vapedad78 no popcorn here;-) that’s that street dealer stuff,mane! MM and crew are da real deal
  • Golden teachers now!! Looking forward to munchin on some!
  • @Stab_Snipers im ready!I’m ready!I’m ready! spongebob voice 😎
  • @groundscreeper I can relate, $#!+$ annoying! lol
  • Thanks all! Shits ridic. I’ve been using Coinbase with No wait time and hardly any fees (about a year) and now I can’t even put my card info back into the dam thing.... still nothin from block chain either, so long 300$ I guess?
  • For me, I’ve been around bikes literally all my life... I have been in my own world pretty much all day and I’ve just started to feel normal again... I’ve been riding my mountain bike around in my back yard for the past 7 or so hours with my kids ju…
  • Man, I started sipping my tea at about 9am, and am still in the clouds.. these shrooms r insane!
  • Idk about the urine tests, as they are typically more reliable imo...(I use quick fix) but I can attest to putting a big, fat, dip of cope snuff in my mouth just before a mouth swab test and could be sitting there baked and throw a dip in …
  • Fire ass Jedi Goblin 😎
  • @Stab_Snipers do it for Tha vine
  • @WDEgkj psilocybin/psilocin is only “visible” for like a few hours (12-24) depending on your metabolism/how much water you drink.. start small, these babies are 💪
  • Yeah, if you eat 5 grams of these, you’re not going to be feeling too much at all.. probably some of the best shrooms you’ll ever eat!
  • Awesome @georgetirebiter! They definitely “open your eyes” to stuff like that. @Highguy that is awesome!
  • @groundscreeper try the 10 and let us know, it’s all natural, and none of the ingredents have ever killed anyone, lol
  • @Highguy that is awesome to hear, I plan on doing a bit of a camping trip myself this weekend. For the first time ever!! Extremely excited as I’ll be tent camping with my wife/ working on building our cabin on our land this weekend... @DudleyDicc…
  • @Vapedad78 i feel like a reborn person today, love the feeling 🥳
  • @Highguy pretty nice?! I got a sample of the triple chocolate chip, and it’s so crazy the difference between outdoor and primo...
  • I’ve read stuff about this, I believe on shroomery. I honestly dk what an ssi or ssri is, but I’ve seen a whole forum of people talking about this, and I don’t want to lead anyone wrong, but I want to say if you’re on one or the other it will comple…
  • @georgetirebiter dude, I’ve missed the things I’ve got to say for so long! Welcome back! Fuckin COVID
  • Around the holidays. Most of the time just after thanksgiving
  • @OneLove makes complete sense on the weight ideaology... not sure how you’d figure the dosage/weight psilo/honey thing out... I am going to do a bit of an experiment to see how easy it is to Candy some at home.. I’ll keep everyone updated, I plan on…
  • @DudleyDiccle about 2 hours inor so, I hit my peak.. after watching an awesome TV show called the 100, I had to actually sit there for a second and “chill out”.. I hadn’t taken my eyes off the tv for a while and when I did I was “peaking” or trippin…
  • @MizterNiceGuy awesome! Keep us posted, haven’t tripped many times(this was my 10-11th time, so curious as to how many gs you’re taking? I thought they were honestly some of the strongest shrooms I’ve ever had! Saw someone got and tried the candy, b…
  • These are definitely strong shrooms... started eating them around noon, and just starting to feel “normal” again. I have been sipping on my tea all day, but yeah... I didn’t get as many visuals as I would’ve liked, so I think next time I’m going to …
  • @OneLove its only been a few months for me, but the lemon tek/sweet tea is about to go down and I’m looking so forward to it 😎
  • @DudleyDiccle I currently have 3 grams grinded up soaking in some fresh lemon juice(this will help them begin to break down before they are in my body,it will hit faster/harder this way but the peak doesn’t last quite as long)... about to pour in s…
  • Just received my zip of tan mahal, and man! The genetics (seem) to b pretty amazing with these shrooms. Huge fruits, lots of bruising, fresh looking caps... @medmama, @medman y’all knocked it outta the park with this one! Definitely going to be get…