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  • Eat em whole next time
    in Penis Envy Comment by Fastguy199 May 29
  • @MoonMan5 i wouldnt try, you should look into grbbing some of the silver bag things, forgot the name, but you get one with every MM order. MYLAR! Yes, thats it! Grab you some mylar, vacuum seal it, and ship it to yourself through usps
  • Drama sucks, this forum was hijacked by newbies and all of us old timers couldnt keep up anymore!
  • Been using the site for a year and a half, and i must say; this is my first order in at least 3 months, but this is the first time ive ever had a single issue. And they were ontop of it first thing today. I must say, the customer service/qc side of …
  • Heard from mb today! He says i should be receiving another pack soon.. sucks because it probably wont be these exotic beauties. But stoked they are taking care of me!
  • Damnit bois. Thats awesoem to hear, but im pretty bummed cus i still havent gotten mine
  • 🤣 literally or figuratively?
  • @v32Finish no offense taken! Haha the potency was not bad though, and i dont disagree with the statements made above^^ hoping i get some of them albino PEs tho :-) (from mama)
  • @Rubygirl816 my father went to school with all of them! Small world! Such an awesome band— who changed the way heavy music was made forever for the better!
  • Glad everyone loves this thread! Always open to listen to classic stuff! Ive been listening to so much alice in chains( layne staley) Stuff sounds so much better than the stuff they play nowadays and acfually takes talent! Does anyone know if there …
  • “Land of freedom” i LOLd at that one.. This isnt that anymore sir, hasnt been that way since about the 1960s... america is a joke (now) and everyone running it needs to get laid.. if they can still get it up.. too many “woke” people with bachelor…
  • @funkynugz
    in Gme/Amc Comment by Fastguy199 February 2
  • Heck yeah.. im good on the silver.. id buy more land before silver, but thats just me..
    in Gme/Amc Comment by Fastguy199 February 2
  • @funkynugz i invested 1400 yesterday... pissed now cus the price of GME was 75$ Today... but agreed..
    in Gme/Amc Comment by Fastguy199 February 2
  • @Kayla i got my girl to try some taj mahal and golden teachers (her first and second time ever) i gave her 1gram her first time and she barelt felt anything “like a few beers”..1.5 grams (taj) and she had an awesome time... she is 5’4 and weighs ab…
  • Im talking this past batch.. i received mine about 3-4 days ago and it absolutely tastes like “diesel” with a sour smell its amazing , satvia dom, but to me it puts me into the couch @Sixwaychili
    in Strains Comment by Fastguy199 January 30
  • Nevermind! Azurescens! I may or may not be Trying to grow some of these and wavy caps ;-)
    in SHROOMS Comment by Fastguy199 January 30
  • Are they panaelous @georgetirebiter
    in SHROOMS Comment by Fastguy199 January 30
  • The sour d that was just up reminds me of tru sour d. Insane smell and smoke!
    in Strains Comment by Fastguy199 January 29
  • @LoudnCo FRUITLOOPS-outdoor/GH\indoor/primo!! MAC, tranquil elephantizer, NL
  • I too live here in the “bible belt”! (If god put it here whys it illegal???) i made a trip to colorado a few years ago, and made the 14 hour trek back wirh over 60 grams of wax, and a few ounces. Never have i ever been so nervous in my entire life.
  • @nefgreen exactly what i was thinking 😂😂🤣
    in Cocaine Comment by Fastguy199 January 21
  • People are crazy. I’ve never heard of someone trying to bang psilocybin. Maybe he shouldve sufficed, natural selection at its best, god doing his work! These are the people that give this medicine a bad name
  • @Fallguy thats insane.. I’ve never noticed my hands being different besides trailing, tend to piss like a camel when I eat shrooms, every 15 or so minutes it feels 🤣
  • @Sixwaychili crazy story man, it’s insane to me that parents put their kids on adhd meds..(I was on it from the time I was 9-10)I’ve heard stories from friends that meth makes you feel like your hair is growing.. never tried it but I can attest to …
  • I wish @georgetirebiter! i tend to build a tolerance to psilo quickly, if I were to eat enough I’m sure—but I don’t like wasting/running through my stash.. I’ll stick to my few times a month and smoking copious amounts of herb in between— no judging…
  • @Fallguy I had to read this twice, cackling to myself the second time! THIS is your brain on drugs 😎👽🤙🏻
  • Will be trying them soon enough:-)
  • I’ve read you’re not supposed to mix thc carts with nic carts on batteries and I’ve also ready that you’re not supposed to mix them together like you’re saying... never tried it so I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work, but I’ve read people tell others not…
  • Agreed @georgetirebiter i just had my first seizure from Holland a few weeks ago.. “no phyto sanitary note” lmao had me puckered for a few days