What’s your MM Wake ‘n Bake today❓

•Blonde Veranda
•RAW Blueberry

Stay lifted friends ♨️



  • 😃 Breakfast of Champions!

    I'm toking on a little Blueberry Muffin! Have a great day everyone!

  • Sonic Screwdriver followed by Blackberry Octane

  • Started off my Saturday morning with some Sundae Driver. Enjoying some Rainbow Chip at the moment!

  • Icecream cake from loud :)

  • Started off with GMO , right now I'm working on some MAC9 have a great day everyone.

  • Starting Sunday with some Melon Mania! I could never write reviews that talk about flavor. At least not recently. It's been a year, as of January 21, where I've been knocked into and all around by COVID-19.

    I bring that up because today, for the first time, my Melon Mania tastes like melons to me. And my Sonic Screwdriver tastes like orange, as it's supposed to.

    The Melon Mania is a good, enduring strain. I've been using it daily and I enjoy it almost as much as the Sonic Screwdriver. Call me crazy. (Also: It's a pretty big "almost." The Sonic Screwdriver is at least two levels higher, for me.)

    I say all this to say...damn, I like this menu.

    Ordered Sunset Sherbet with the last of my coins. And that's my morning wrap-up!

  • started off with a little Salmon River yesterday bc i didn't have anything to do.. and a lil nausea in the morning.. this morning, i haven't decided what to wake n bake with yet!!

    i might have to pull out the bong this morning

    thanks for the update @georgetirebiter .. Covid sucks ass. i'm sorry you had to go thru that. also agree, this menu right now is just "wow" .

    The sunset would also probably be the one i would order.. but that ice cream cake X kush mints .. was AMAZING last time . it really was somethin else. anyway. glad there's lots to choose from, and i gave up a long time ago trying to try "all the good ones" or all the best ones.

  • Starting my Sunday some more Sundae Driver...just because it’s the right thing to do!🙃

  • Kicking off our big snow weekend with a handful of Jah Goo and a mug of French Roast 😋 Then it’s out to start moving some piles of mother nature’s finest blow.

  • Thanks @georgetirebiter they're what keep me waking up every day 🥰 I’m hoping to upgrade to a bigger property in the next 12-18 months. My #1 love dog, the big Golden shepherd, is 11+ years so every new day with her is a blessing. She’s acting sorta meh today (not a huge fan of the snow maybe 😆).

  • @funkynugz

    Gorgeous nugs, and pups!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I’ll let all of them know you said so ☺️

  • Black berry octane for main course, magic melon for appetizer. Jaeger joints with coffee.

  • @907ak420 I started this morning out with BlackBerry octane myself then moved on to GMO then white Rhino for dinner.

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    I'll have some of that @907ak420! You know a strain I really like? Lava Cake. I'm kind of sick of cake strains being everywhere (to be fair, they're good). So I was disappointed to get this as a sub for a sub. It might be the strongest, most pain-relieving choice I've got on my shelf. And I'm very stoned.

    Maybe I've been doing it wrong. Maybe we're supposed to smoke our strongest shit first thing in the morning? More research is necessary...

  • Waked and baked some Platinum OG at 3:45am...the wake didn’t last long. 😴. Get through the day at work and it’ll be time to relax again!

  • Alien Orange Cookie snow bongs 🍊❄️
    paired with Constant Comment tea ☕️

  • @georgetirebiter, I thought that was how it was, having our strongest shit first thing in the morning. At least for me it is. You have to be careful with certain strains that are bomb tokes. You can end up right back in bed, even after a good few cups of nice strong bean coffee. I couldn't help but to get more of the BlackBerry octane along with Skywalker og and fruitloops. I still haven't recieved my absinthe and guava from the beginning of the new year!

  • @georgetirebiter I've never tried the lava cake, only pineapple cake. The bud was full of seeds and I ended up with an eighth of seeds and a little more than a half ounce of decent bud. I managed to sprout a couple seeds back in Nov. The two plants are budding and should be ready to harvest in a few months maybe.

  • Started off with some Nepalese today. Got some things to do this morning so it will be a hybrid for later this afternoon and then Purple kush for dessert after dinner. This site is da bomb, I am so grateful to have found it many years ago.

  • Feelin draggy today 🥱 So unjarred one of my very few sativa strains and kicked up the beverage a notch. Stay lifted MM crew!

    Hawaiian Punch 🌺
    Italian Espresso ☕️

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    I'm pulling out the purps. Forbidden Fruit from awhile back. Doesn't look black to me anymore, after seeing the Purple Kush. Still a nice deep rich purple and olive. Delicious tropical fruitiness and a mellow indica buzz. I have a lot of love for this strain, and this batch--which I think was MedMama Outdoor and only available for a nanosecond--is exemplary.

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    Started at 3:00a.m. with purple kush I'm chasing the pain with some black Jack wax now. I got lucky and got my purple kush and I would kill to see some premium flower in this strain.

  • @professor where'd you get the platinum og, I had a cart while back claiming was pog that had me almost hallucinating I was so high and haven't seen any since in any form

  • @Vapedad78 I had/have a couple Platinum OG carts as well and I really like it. It’s a really heavy hitter! Then flower showed up at my local medical dispensary. I’ve gone through at least a half-ounce and still have near an ounce. They’ve had it for about a month which is really surprising. It’s not much fun...smoke or vape a little and I’m out. Best strain for sleep I’ve found so far...at least this batch. I’ll probably go get more next week if they still have it. Knocks me out!

  • NL #5 with a 5-Hour Energy

  • @funkynugz Thats a pretty bud!!!!

  • @LIT pretty nice all around herb. Buzz is a little on the mild side tho compared to other NL I’ve had.

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    Hey blowing the thread but here's my afternoon Bud. Just a little royal kush . It's not the strongest but a nice afternoon high. after that how about a little mammoth skunk

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