OK so I made a post lightly injecting politics into it. My bad. Let's just keep this place entirely free from politics. I will amend my statement about informed delivery:

We have lost confidence in the USPS Informed Delivery to accurately track packages. The fact is they are just not being scanned. This is due to recent defunding of the post office along with them removing mail sorters and blue boxes.

We are getting LOTS of emails stating that packages are not moving. To make it worse some packages are moving very very slowly sometimes taking up to 3 weeks to arrive. These are still minority with most packages arriving in a week, but we are now waiting 3 weeks before declaring a package "lost" and reshipping. We realise this sucks for you all but there is not much we can do about it.

If you can see your order in the USPS system there is a 99% chance it is moving in your direction. We can't give you any further information on your order. Once it is posted we know as much as you do. So please think twice before writing to us about a package not moving in the system unless its been at least a couple of weeks. Thanks, mm



  • Placed my order Thursday night then got a repeat payment request after id already recieved confirmation but still haven't seen a label created, @medboy did say order was set so tryna remain calm and trust the process just only second order so still anxious nothing gets messed up lol appreciate the hell outta yall tho, loving my first package thanks team

  • @Vapedad78 Yeah sorry our system is sometimes sending out duplicate payment requests..annoying! Our new system is almost ready to roll out! If you got payment confirmation then you're set

  • Appreciate ya man, and yes finally seen it thanks for being so hospitable to this noob, know y'all probably get tired and frustrated answering the same ?s 24/7

  • Hello, all. I just want to let you all know that informed delivery is garbage. I've had it since the day it was available for reasons of my own and it's terrible. Please keep this in mind. All packages that weigh less than ten ounces mailed first class are free from inspection. This particular shipper is mailing Priority which is a speedy version of first class. I have known of Post Offices to have internet outages for days on end, and when they cant dock their scanners, all package info is lost. Please know that this is a constant battle USPS faces. It's not the shipper's fault and many times, it's not your mail carrier's fault, either. Please don't put too much clout into informed delivery. The Postal Service is way too cheap to hire good IT guys.

  • Doe's this mean it won't show as a package and will just pop up as daily mail?

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    Yes. Btw, I've had this happen time and time again and from all different companies. Informed delivery is only an "estimate". If you look at your dashboard and read the fine print, the packages they show you on your dashboard have 7 days to arrive. So, it may show up on your dashboard, but literally won't arrive for 7 business days after.

  • And seven business days are different than seven days, as I'm sure you know.

  • It's not showing on my dashboard. It's been a week. That's what I'm wondering

  • It can still suddenly pop up. Most of the time, they will tell you on the day of delivery but it's sketchy. Informed Delivery was/is an excellent concept because we had the technology to do it way before we launched it, but the Postal Service really doesn't employ people to work out the kinks like Amazon or even Etsy. Please keep in mind that USPS is a dinosaur.

  • Basically, the website gets only minimal maintenance and not by any known or decent programmers.

  • Thanks I appreciate it, I'm not worried about it a good friend uses MM all the time so it isn't a problem. Just not understanding this informed delivery stuff

  • Ya, I hear ya. Just don't believe informed delivery. Know that it's a poorly if not at all maintained website.

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    I get notifications about packages for an address that I lived at 6 years ago. Informed Delivery doesn't even recognize an out of state COA. If you've moved in the last 6 years, it can be giving your package notifications to your last address!

  • Typically I get notification of label printed, then also through the usual point of origin stops along the way. Then silence once it makes a hub, which makes sense since it’s on the move.

    Once the package lands in my region I usually start getting notifications again. I live literally minutes from a regional hub and have not had ID balk on me even once in the years using it.

    May eat these words soon since an order I placed last Saturday has yet to provide an update. This now being Wednesday, in my “usual” this is unusual. But no worries. MM always delivers 👍

  • Just got my first order, it didn't show up at all in informed delivery. So can't trust it at all. I have a friend that uses MM they've never failed him didn't fail me. Have a friend for life. Thank MM MB!!! YOU ROCK!

  • Y'all most certainly do indeed, rock the absolute hardest, @LoudnCo ftw received under a week, friggin love this team behind the curtain, haven't opened yet but damn excited

  • New Info i have had no informed tracking info ever since covid started well I thought it was covid BUT!!! I had a Hunch so I went and did a address search on the usps site they gave me a preferred address to use.
    I copyed and pasted the info and now order number 6 has tracked from label creation to delivery with both shippers and I wanted to test the waters before I posted but 2 weeks later 6 orders later and not a miss so maybe if you are having issue try a new copy and paste of the address may work!!!

  • My ID has been working perfectly fine last couple weeks. Now I ordered from @LoudnCo last Friday and I ordered from @medmama Monday. Well my medmama order is on the way already and loud is STILL sitting in preship. Not right. And it’s not ID.

  • Good thing I ordered a quarter of Mac from medmama

  • @Rubygirl816 same here. I ordered early morning Friday from loud. Shipping label was created Saturday. And it’s still sitting in preship.

  • It also takes 5 days before it works. Don’t forget East and west time differences. Since I have P.O. Box all my orders are a day before the estimated ship date. You can also fill out for extra emails on certain packages and also if something is ordered and a shipper drops in a blue box. The mail could have already left that day and if it weekend that stuff won’t ship to regional hub till Sunday night Monday. And I’ve gotten texts saying my package has been left in or near box and went to get and nothing is in box and I have to wait online and literally show them it says delivered bc I wouldn’t walk if it never said that. And it keeps happening to the point the lady that works their finally apologized to me bc she saw how the keep saying my package has been delivered to box but nothings their and she has to go dig it up. At first she blamed me for coming early until she seen exactly what they were doing and also I finally came to conclusions that these guys are doing all they can and I was being unfair. Bc everything I have ordered has come and I’ve never not been happy. Just wish they had more candybars

  • Med mamma always ships first. I honestly think it’s just where loud drops his boxes. Also this is first time I had a med mamma label made and not sent same day. And it’s always same with loud. Label made and 3 days later it hits regional hub by him and when I see that I know I have 2 days. Now when I use to complain everybody would get on me and then when they face the same they wanna complain. So I’m not gonna say a thing but I learned it’s Usps and I always always get mine. And I owe loud amp apology bc I use to blame him for longer shipping but it’s not him. And that’s 💯 I also don’t order 3 50$ boxes. I’m spending real money But I’ve learned usually med mama comes same week if ordered by Tuesday. Loud is one week. That’s fine And I heard there’s a possibility they may work through fed ex soon so let’s pray

  • Also You can try tracking via website and sometimes they will have more info. Annnd. If it on there it’s 120% on way

  • Placed my order Tuesday and got it today Thursday wow super fast I have been ordering for a long time and has never been that fast. Thanks medman👌👍✌🏼

  • On a good note just ordered the blueberry zkittles this morning and so looking forward to that!

  • Weedy Me To two weeks ago 3 days coast to coast Loud Rocks and Medmama has been 4 days almost everytime love it medmama!!!!!

  • @LowkeyChic did your package from loud start moving yet? Mine still sitting in preship since last Saturday! This last time I order from @LoudnCo

  • I have one in pre ship. But I ordered Tuesday I think. Also medmamma and thats preship but it never is in preship that long. Are your packs taking normal pre ship route or where the labels for a diff area zip. Like usually I don’t see Seattle as the place the pack is waiting. Usually it’s a smaller place

  • Sometimes it travels fed ex untill it hits your local post office and then it’s Usps’s that delivers it from there. They have a contract. That’s why sometimes you will get 50 texts at once and one saying it’s on way to you from local or as in my case it’s in po box

  • I’m usually supposed to get an email update daily but since preship I have not got nothing but my Id dashboard says I have packages on way

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