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  • I got in earlier this week on a Killa 12 pack (killa shipping speed, btw, HTs!!). With the 10+ orders I had to put in before I got a BTC price to pay, I forgot to put raffle in comments yesterday. I ordered ice cream cake split w/ mendo breath. Ap…
    in 420 Raffle Comment by Mnpd April 2023
  • Just wanted to share my experience, thoughts, and rant a bit... My experience using medicineman since 2017: It's almost like this has to be a last resort, only if you can't find "a guy". That's because when you place orders (Not you, me. I can'…
    in Help Us Out Comment by Mnpd April 2023
  • @PolkHighStar That Pineapple Kush was the discount strain up for a couple days, right? If I'm remembering that correctly, just wanted to ask your thoughts on that 1?
  • I agree that the easiest is as Polk and icdead both recommended--a vape pen. All it is is a heating element that you'll put a dab of wax on, then you'll heat it and inhale. Aromavapes has the best prices I've found, including the Lookah posted abo…
  • A while back I gave it a shot with a pretty inexpensive (<$100 all in, including the seeds) setup... The seeds I got were from paradise seeds, and the strain was wappa. Their website has some good pics. Obviously, my cheap setup didn't get a hu…
  • I got some discount G41, and I am as impressed as you guys with the quality for how it was listed and the price. This is fantastic, because my perspective is that medmama asked us what we wanted, numerous users talked about tough times/penny pinchi…
  • Haha! Same here! Fingers were crossed it was legit!
  • It's not a secure site--should always be the first flag with bitcoin.(http vs https) Any sites dealing with important info (like payments) will be https. Even is a secure site. is not. A quick Google search finds p…
  • @maryjanelover11 If I may ask... Why are you waiting for your other orders? I ask because I have 2 pending, but not wanting to miss out on some discount smalls!
  • All you need are smaller screens--use a wire cutters or old scissors/nail clipper to cut them down to just larger than the hole... Put it in and use a smaller object to push it into the hole. Prevents the thing from springing back towards you and t…
  • Surprised BDT is still available... Would love to see more images from others that got some. The price is tempting as heck! Thanks, guys!