Haven’t seen my order ywt

I ordered Thc gumdrops Monday and sti don’t see anything on informed delivery starting to worry



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           Lasstime i got woreeed my package gave a label 4 dayz after i ordRdrd and said Mondy (i h8 mundays) but showd 👆 yestrdrday. 🇨🇱 Out
  • Yeah it’s usually fast

  • They are probably just going slow? My order from Tuesday from Mamma is still just a created label.(Although I did ask a weird request lol)

  • @theunleet I feel ya man, it’s be almost a week and half and I still haven’t seen my order move past pre-shipment 🙃

  • @1K_ I had 15 days after a label Printed aand they actually resent it with subs

  • It’s alright I bet it’ll show up it always does

  • I just got it! Nevermind. I think it was my bad I just changed addresses and forgot to set up informed delivery the right way

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    number 1 rule with informed delivery addresses do not add any special characters or it will not track.!

  • Please be patient. They always come through in the end!

  • Sometimes informed delivery doesnt update properly. It sometimes shows only label created until it arrives at the regional destination facility. In the year and a half that i have been a customer i havent had any real issues though. This is the most reliable business of any kind i have ever dealt with.

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    Ordered from mama last Friday and for the first time since I’ve been ordering from medman, I had no label show up at all. Package was in my mailbox all day today and I didn’t know it. I got an email tonight about another package I had coming, directly from the company, telling me it was delivered. That package too just showed up no label, no tracking, nothing. You just never know anymore. Thanks @medboy Glad I checked me email tonight lol

  • twice I have had an ink strip down the label and it never tracked from start to finish because the reader could not read the image.

  • @Alex Thats what she said.


  • @Rubygirl816 right with ya girl, I ordered Mon and for the first time haven't seen a hint of a label. But I'm confident, I got payment confirmation so now I'm checking my mail and not letting anything sit. @Alex your right, never any worries in the end my friend 💚💨🍀

  • I ordered yesterday hoping I missed the backup crush but the last 3 orders I have had 2 from loud 1 from medmama all took no less than 4 days to see the label. but once in usps hands its been three days coast to coast

  • I guess I am going to try that discount pineapple kush.
    That's a good price and it can't be THAT bad...

  • @OzBaxter

    I've never been disappointed with anything discount I've gotten here. It's probably just some popcorn buds. Never fear! 😄😉💚

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    @OzBaxter No worries my friend! To mirror what @MigraineWarrior79 said, I’ve had every “quality” of cannabis here over the years: greenhouse, indoor, premium, outdoor, smalls, and discount and I’ve yet to be disappointed! Are there differences? Certainly, but not usually enough to offset the savings. I’ve never had anything “bad” from here! Two ounces of discount Wedding Cake smalls I got here in ‘18 or ‘19 is still some of the best WC I’ve ever had! Best bang for the buck ever!!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 @TheProfessor Awesome! I was wondering what the catch could be, but for that price I'm fine with whatever it is lol ;)

  • Just to reassure those that may be experiencing Mail Delivery anxiety: it isn't just about MedMan.

    I ordered some hot sauce online, it comes from North Carolina. I got my package yesterday OK, but this morning? Informed delivery sent me a message that a label was created, the product was shipped, and it was delivered yesterday.

    I got all of that this morning. Nice timing, Mr. Mailman.

  • Check this out i always get my informed delivery notification. Not a single time that i didnt get one and i went and checked the mail even though i had NO LABEL yet and my stuff was here. Then the next day i check the mail and they sent me my stuff AGAIN. DOUBLE PRIZES. Like i am very very happy that i am
    Now stacked with the stuff i need, but the website is down and im just worried everything is all fucked up right now

  • @BMan Score!! That happened to me once a couple of years ago. We ordered 2 zips and got a qp! Enjoy! The “no label” thing seems to be happening more often.

  • Yep, nothing on informed delivery all week but got my moon boots today... Go Go Mama!

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    sweet! @BMan. Had an order of a 1/4 and got a 1/2 once..no complaints here 😎. That makes me feel better @Limonene. Haven’t seen anything on ID and expecting a mama order. Hoping for Mon!

  • @superman38NC It's coming bro! 😎 Nothing on ID for me & received Mars Landing from mama in 4 days.

  • Yup!😎 Ordered from Mama late Tuesday afternoon...nothing on ID and our shipment of Moon Boots and Runtz arrived around 2:30 today! Four days!🥳👍

  • Awesome guys! Just got a update on ID and it’s coming Mon😎..man patience is hard 🤪

  • How’s the Runtz @TheProfessor?

  • @superman38NC I underestimated it!😳 Despite everything I'd read, there was just no way a Zkittles x Gelato 50/50 hybrid would be that heavy. Our package came while we were opening our spoils from today's med. dispensary visit. So we're sitting here with four strains we've never had before: Moon Boots, Runtz, Second Breakfast (34.8%), and Scotty 2 Hotty (24.5%) and I ask what we should try first and she immediately says "Runtz." Runtz was not a great idea for 2:30 in the afternoon.🤣 Runtz is indeed quite the "heavy hitter"! I'm not sure yet that it's going to make me really sleepy or not yet, but for an hour, all I wanted to do was sink into the couch...then the kids and grandkids showed up!😳😁😊 I'll do a short review soon.

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